Detox and symbiosis in the natural healing centre
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Detox and diet

Always hitting the right spot

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Eat properly for the added value of health & well-being

As that well-known saying goes: “you are what you eat”. However, this does not mean that you must always automatically put People in a certain ‘box’ because of their eating habits. Nevertheless, maximum variety on the kitchen table is recommended in principle – not least in order to obtain lasting added value in terms of health and well-being. A targeted diet with natural substances and ingredients that are not just healthy, but can individually provide the body with what it needs to function or to be able to regenerate.

This is also the reason why nutritional therapy – i.e. The Personalized, individual adjustments of eating habits to People’s particular situations – plays a big role at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. Furthermore, the Bottrop health center also offers menu plans in many hotel kitchens and restaurants, which are individually coordinated with the two naturopaths on a seasonal basis. “We attach great importance to ensuring that our patients receive the right nutrition with regional and seasonal foods and ingredients during the treatment period,” says Farid Zitoun.

Apart from that, relatives and visitors can also benefit from these “vitality dishes” on the regular menu. Here, a new awareness has been established, not only regarding nutrition. “What good can I do for myself?” Is a question that more and more People ask themselves, regardless whether young or old. Due to increased stress factors – physically and mentally – it has become necessary to preserve one’s own health as long as possible.


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Purging the body and naturally detoxicating, which can be felt

Freeing the body of pathogenic substances which can accumulate through internal processes as well as external influences. Detox offers a thorough detoxication in order to strengthen the immune system, fight fatigue or to improve one’s general well-being. Various natural cleansing cures can restore the right balances, alleviate physical and mental problems and increase one’s performance.

With bespoke nutrition guidelines as well as channelling-out processes according to the Nabomed® conceptNaturheilzentrum Bottrop offers a comprehensive and, above all, trend-setting methodology to support the entire organism and help restore its balance, or simply: for a noticeable, healthy body feeling with a maximum of vitality.

Detox and symbiosis

Time for deceleration

In today’s fast-paced era, People are permanently in action. There’s a lack of time and space “just to oneself”. There’s so much hustle and bustle at work that one can’t even quite find peace and serenity at home or on vacation. Detoxication can help to counter this tense lifestyle, stress and the resulting psychosomatic effects and occurring diseases, with more nature and health.

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop deliberately ensures that its patients are rid of the stress factors of their usual environment. Coming to rest, breathing deeply and, above all, recharging one’s batteries clearly rank foremost. Finding oneself and arriving at a healing place where time is not scarce.

Healthy from nature

Cleansing of the body, stimulating the organs

To stimulate the healing process from inside out – this is the common goal of all methods that can contribute to detoxication. Whether it’s done by gentle colonic irrigation as part of a colon-hydro-therapy, the excretion of toxins by painlessly treating the skin with ultra-thin needles as per the Braunscheidt method, or relieving pain through a vacuum when cupping. Here too, the range of classic channelling-out and cleansing methods, as well as modern detoxication measures is versatile and customizable.

Detox for more energy in everyday life

Increasing one’s well-being

Detox means the detoxication from environmental stress or pollutants, i.e. An inner cleansing, also from the consequences of illnesses, a bad diet, stress-induced living conditions or medication. If the detoxication organs such as the liver, kidneys and the skin are overchallenged and overburdened, the body becomes vulnerable. Weight gain, permanent fatigue, stomachache, insomnia and headache can be signals that the body is not well. A detox cure for the metabolism strengthens the immune system and sparks a fresh boost of energy. Specific fasting cures according to the Nabomed® concept assist in doing so: these are not necessarily associated with missing out on foodstuffs such as meat, cheese, milk, white flour, sweets, alcohol, coffee and black or green tea. Quite to the contrary: nutrition with an added value and thus, an enrichment which can be an asset to health, well-being and performance capacity. Tailor-made and individual, Naturheilzentrum Bottrop primary concern is to gradually rebalance and cleanse the body. Above all, it is good for the soul and ideally protects against illnesses.

Send the body on vacation

It has been proven that fasting means a longer phase of regeneration for all the cells, the pancreas, and your other organs. Sugar and cholesterol levels can undergo positive changes, insulin resistance and blood pressure can drop, the intestine should be freed from residue and dead cell material. The intestinal flora, which is very important for the immune system, can also undergo positive changes through fasting. Another desirable effect: many People who fast have more intense perceptions of themselves and often possess a more direct line to the mind and the body. Medical and naturopathic knowledge: serotonin is released in the brain, which triggers feelings of euphoria, the so-called ‘good-mood hormone’. In addition, the stress-hormone level drops. Another positive side effect is that many People often eat healthier after fasting than they did before. However, fasting should never be done alone, but only with medical and therapeutic support.

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