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An alternative that gives hope

Transcending boundaries, opening new horizons

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The right time is right now

From your Personal history to your individual therapy concept. Because everyone has the right to be healthy. Better quality of life for coma patients and their relatives: that is the guiding principle of Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger. They lovingly, and above all, competently approach their patients, and they look very closely.

Persistent vegetative states need to be understood, their require experience and alternatives in treatment methods in order to pave new ways. Towards a chance to improve and to gain more pleasure and quality in life, in addition to the measures of conventional medicine and perhaps beyond.

Weight room in the nabo

An alternative that gives hope

Stimulation is the key. The combination of centuries-old, successfully applied asian therapeutic methods and modern approaches to treatment utilizes synergies and redefines connections. The use of signals regenerates and stimulates self-healing, and it helps to regain new perspectives in life, step by step, even for old injuries and damages and in times of stagnation. The nabo team, headed by Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, treats all its patients with great devotion and long-standing practical experience.


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Choosing a new path instead of standing still

“incurable” – being faced with such a diagnosis virtually requires the impossible of the patients themselves, as well as of their relatives. They have already come a long way full of efforts, hopes and doubts. The experts at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop have been supporting those affected and their families in not giving in to fate without a fight, by seeking and finding new paths for many years – and not without a reason. Doctors, nurses and therapists not only show an interest, they are enthusiastic.

Farid Zitoun, Christian Rüger and their team of specialists extend the possibilities of communicative approaches for patients with their extensive knowledge of medical science and modern technology. Communication requires perception and orientation, which, in turn, are essential components of the mind and awareness.

nabo applies innovative concepts to stimulate awareness and the mind. Although the vegetative state is actually characterized by the absence of consciousness and the possibility to express oneself, recent research studies have reported that more communicative access to these patients is possible. This is exactly where Naturheilzentrum Bottrop starts. For more quality of life and new paths.

Fighting is always worth it
Peace and power

Regeneration instead of resignation

Starting where others reach their limits. This is Farid Zitoun’s and Christian Rüger’s mission in life: always setting new goals, creating innovative, advanced possibilities and breaking barriers. Maximum regeneration by external pin-pointed stimulation. Specially tuned naturopathic, therapeutic measures give impulses to body and mind. Experience shows effects and the results are respected: working hand-in-hand and interacting with patients and their families, that is successful cooperation for the nabo team. This results in the one or the other effect, which shows: small and big miracles are always possible and that’s what makes Naturheilzentrum Bottrop such a sought-after and prestigious alternative health center in this field and in Europe.

The refined, enhanced stimulation therapy in the nabomed® concept relies on stimulation signals which are converted into regenerating pulses by the body. The goal: to recover and optimize motor, mental and psychological functions. Possibilities for improvement are not generally ruled out with regard to patients requiring artificial respiration after a severe head injury, both in terms of brain performance and motor skills.

“increasing awareness in the patient and for the patient to begin vocalizing again – that is often the focus of family members”, says Christian Rüger, co-founder of the innovative healing center, nabo. Suddenly being able to communicate with each other. Finding out what the other Persons wants, where the patient feels pain. These are communicative changes, which may decisively and positively alter the quality of life of an entire family.

Small pinpricks, big impact

Many PVS patients suffer from cramps, indigestion and uncontrolled salivation. In many cases, the extremities are spastic and in many cases, the eyes are closed. Tendons and ligaments are shortened, or muscular hypotonia occurs. And these are just the most common side effects. Through the micro-stitch technique, spasms and cramps, which were previously therapy-resistant, are relaxed and nerves are stimulated as much as possible in order to trigger positive reactions. A targeted needle stimulation can, in the best case, regulate uncontrolled salivation (hypersalivation-syndrome) effectively.

Concerning the general prognosis, Christian Rüger says: “the development of most patients here seems to be very positive. Based on our experience to date, we are optimistic that, due to the course of treatment and the reactions frequently shown by those affected, the performance of the brain and motor functions can be significantly increased and improved in the future.”

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