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the most precious gift: health

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An exclusive gift

A very Personal present. A clear sign of affection. The first step towards a healthier life. For family members. Friends. And all those who are particularly important to you. Touching. Moving. Customizable in design and scope of service.

Whether it’s for a comprehensive first-class check-up, a part of a treatment program or for a preventive all-round renewal. Always valuable. Always beneficial. Always something special. For more health. More liveliness. More vibrancy and charisma. More success. More joie de vivre.

Your Choices

1st class check-up | Unique and valuable

A detailed status quo. At the highest level. Based on the most thorough diagnosis and root cause research. By means of natural history investigations. And the most modern computer-assisted methods. This takes time, usually about 4 hours, has its price, 460 Euros, and delivers far-reaching results: explained in an understandable way. If desired, the basis for a concrete treatment concept.

Treatment arrangement | Diverse and custom-fit

The nabomed ® concept: starting where conventional medicine reaches its limits. With individual treatments. After a detailed consultation. Tailor-made. To your health needs. Your financial wishes. Drawn from the broad spectrum of naturopathic therapy options. With targeted impulses that support the self-healing powers. So that complaints and pain are alleviated.

All-round renewal | key to vitality, radiance and success

An active life. Full of vigor and drive. For success. Happiness. Contentment. Balance. Through targeted reactivation of lost energies. With treatments for body and mind. Tailored to Personal needs. Health and monetary. Gentle impulses for more quality of life. By the way: also ideal for the prevention of serious illnesses.

Give the gift of health

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