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Animals help humans

Utilizing great potential

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Animals – often pharmacies and life-savers

Many animals are used for therapeutic purposes in medicine and naturopathy, and not without a reason. Even the symbol of the medical and pharmaceutical profession – namely the aesculapian staff with the snake – shows the close symbiosis of animals, People and medicine.

Animals can be both a pharmacy and a life-saver. For chronic pain, allergies, eye ailments, but also for rheumatism, skin and lung diseases, the use of animals or animal products can be an effective means for improving patients’ health.

Anywhere from leeches to snake venom – dosed correctly, animal secretions have excellent and far underrated, positive effects on People’s health. Even in ancient times, People relied on the health benefits of the therapeutic use of animals.

Today, the utilization of their capabilities is more relevant than ever – both in natural medicine and conventional medicine. Naturheilzentrum Bottrop uses this traditional knowledge and combines it with modern findings. Using natural ingredients derived from animals for People’s health: this holds incredible potential, with a wide range of applications.

Snake venom therapy
Snake venom treatment

Venom therapy – it’s all about the dose

Venoms of snakes, spiders, frogs, bees and scorpions contain valuable substances and life-saving drugs: treated, highly diluted and freed of all allergy triggers. The aim of this gentle therapy: minute quantities precisely dosed for maximum effect. Again, there is a very differentiated list of indications for the application of this particular discipline. Venom therapy is not a universal remedy, but it does have great potential.


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Enzymes as a catalyst

Snake poisons are enzyme complexes. Enzymes, in turn, are the essential substances that control all life processes in the Human organism. In its normal state, a cell is capable of producing enzymes in sufficient quantities. However, if there is an enzyme deficiency or defect, for example through pollutants, pathogens, stress or simply due to decreasing cell performance in old age, health problems can result. Now, if the body is supplied with the appropriate enzymes in the form of snake toxins again, fundamental regeneration can occur.

Snake venom therapy is there to stimulate the metabolism, the immune system and the forming of antibodies. Snake toxins can often help get rid of excess pounds. At Naturheilzentrum Bottrop they are used in the form of injections, creams or ointments. Of course, only after a previous intolerance test. This kind of venom therapy has been used successfully for about 70 years and is – even with long-term treatments – almost free of side effects.

Natural remedies from nature

Leech therapy – therapy with a bite

Leech therapy is one of the oldest healing methods in the history of traditional medicine. The first accounts come from Mesopotamia in 3300 BC. However, definitive descriptions of the therapy come from Indian medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also uses leech therapy. In Europe, it was an indispensable part of medical therapies from ancient times until the 19th Century. The leeches are applied in a suitable location, in order to cause a bit of blood to flow (blood collection). The effect is based on several factors: the bite stimulus, the substances from the saliva of the leech, which are delivered through the bite, the bacterial flora of the leech and the bloodletting taking place.

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop uses the positive effect of leeches as a channelling-out treatment method. The application can have the following effects: it thins the blood, inhibits coagulation and reduces inflammations as well as pain. This makes this method particularly valuable in the naturopathic treatment of thrombosis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, calcification of vessels and tinnitus. Using these very beneficial animals even helps against chronic pain conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, disc problems, strains, bruises or muscle pain,

By the way, for hygienic reasons, each leech is only used once. After treatment, the nabo team lets the animals retire in a pond for leech pensioners.

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