Quality management & practice management

Quality and practice management seminar

Successful, active and creative - together

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Excellent workshop on the nabo campus

Showing the quality of success and the network behind it: that is the goal of this workshop. With his Personality, Farid Zitoun, one of the founders of Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, has greatly influenced the work of the center since its establishment in the mid-90s. As an expert and recognized leader, he skillfully passes on his long and successful experience in this workshop.

Quality and practice management

Success through quality

This training workshop includes skillful quality and practice management as well as marketing-strategic aspects and legal principles. Together, these are the critical competencies for satisfied People. Quality management means: goal-oriented work by self-imposed rules.

In natural medical practice, in particular, there are good reasons for professional quality management, in addition to the legal obligation (§ 135a SGB v (1)) – be it from a moral or ethical point of view. Treatment and quality objectives and cost recovery can be better achieved, which contributes significantly to increased patient satisfaction. When it comes to professional quality management, stringent and optimized processes both in management and diagnosis and treatment are as important as the balanced use of all resources.


  • Marketing & communications – target-oriented and sustainable
  • Service & quality – attention-grabbing and exclusive
  • Practice & organization – successful and strategic
  • Price & interior – fair and exceptional
  • Advertising and competition law – creative and compliant
  • Contract and liability law – transparent and accurate
  • Knowledge shared competently – for satisfied patients and staff
Focus on quality management

Setting standards with its own concept

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop picks up where conventional medicine can no longer help. With their Nabomed® concept, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger have developed a customized and goal-oriented approach for their patients. Thanks to the special combination of modern methods and centuries-old knowledge that has been handed down by luminaries of naturopathy, the two alternative practitioners have been able to develop not only different disciplines of holistic medicine but also to create new synergies.

Therefore, they are rightly seen as exemplary in their field. This is most evident in their practice and quality management. A crew of highly qualified staff works daily on innovative solutions. Always empathetic and extremely professional. The exceptional spatial design of the natural healing center with special light, sound and aroma concepts as well as the structured and optimal practice procedures underscore the new standards, which the team headed by Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger also set in their quality and practice management.

Create sustainable perspectives

With its holistic approach to naturopathy, nabo places particularly high demands on its in-house practice and quality management and its employees. Because the focus here is on the whole Person, nabo attaches great importance to an environment in which both the patient and his or her family and relatives feel comfortable. Perception, appreciation, reliability and quality in all operational procedures are paramount.

Because practice and quality management go well beyond administration and ensure, through gained or regained resources, that People stay at the heart of the business.


Quality and practice management

Where Zurich (Switzerland)
When Saturday, 4. January 2025 — Saturday, 11. January 2025
Language German
Number of participants Maximum number of participants: 16
Lecturers Lecturer: Farid Zitoun | Naturopath | Naturheilzentrum Bottrop
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legal information

all statements and descriptions pertain solely and without exception to professionals under the german law on advertising medical products (heilmittelwerbegesetz, hwg), as amended on aug. 7th, 2013. professionals under the hwg are health professionals or health care providers or facilities that serve the health of Humans or animals or other Persons as far as they trade with pharmaceuticals, medical products, procedures, treatments, items or other means or lawfully put them to use when exercising their profession.
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