A special story

Massages are among the oldest healing therapies of mankind. The targeted application of massages to initiate or accelerate the recovery process is likely to have originated in East Africa and in Asia. They were first mentioned by Huang Di, a Chinese man, who wrote about massage techniques and gymnastic exercises around 2600 BC. Massages, in combination with essential oils, were also mentioned in the health books in India. The Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC.), eventually brought massages to Europe. After massages lost in importance as a therapy, they were rediscovered in the late middle ages, in the 16th century, by the doctor and alchemist, Paracelsus.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) eventually integrated massages as a therapeutic supplement in homeopathy. The Dutch physician, Johann Georg Mezger (1838-1909) finally transferred massages into their present form. Through his work, massages became an irreversible part of science and medicine.

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Professional training

The training as a masseur takes place at state or state-approved vocational schools and takes several years. Amongst anatomy and physiology, students also learn general and special pathology, regulations on hygiene and job-related law. At the end, there is an exam. Thus, a high standard is guaranteed. Through the combination of learned skills and utmost trust, masseurs at nabo make a vital contribution to the welfare of the patients. The masseurs at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop work in combination with our own, specially developed Nabomed® therapy. Massages support the treatments given by the therapists in a special medical way.

The training and the profession itself have been protected by the masseur and physiotherapist law in Germany since 1994. During the training, aspiring massage therapists learn more than 30 techniques. Massages have not only been exclusively used for many years against muscle tension or back pain, but more increasingly as a preventive agent for improved health and well-being. A distinction must be made between medical and wellness massages. The treatment applied is in accordance with the individual ailment. In addition, there are also preventive treatments and rehabilitative measures, e.g. after an illness or injury.

A diverse effect

A massage can reduce the heart rate and stimulate blood circulation. In addition to the possible increase in the general well-being, masseurs apply their special knowledge of movement therapy and gymnastics, the aim being to increase physical strength and to improve performance. During each massage the skin is examined by feeling it. Thus, for example, the tension of the muscles, the elasticity of the skin and any hardness can be detected.

Beginning where conventional medicine reaches its limits.

At Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, interdisciplinary specialists from the various fields of naturopathy use their experience for the recovery of patients from all over the world. The results are indicative, the successes build confidence. One of our current job offers is a full-time position of 38.5 hours per week as a masseur, in accordance with the appropriate vocational profile. It is a permanent position, available immediately.

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In this service-oriented position you will report directly to the management and actively support various therapeutic and organizational and tasks as one of our ambassadors.

Your performance

The day starts with a friendly “good morning and welcome!” – because each contact starts and ends with your smile, of course. You will lovingly care for the individual needs of our patients and promote a healing environment through your honest and service-oriented nature.

Your skills

You are a broad-based, experienced all-rounder as a masseur. You have a dexterous, confident appearance / approach and, with your courteous and excellent manners, you create a positive and lasting impression. A good dose of empathy lies within your blood. With great professionalism, enthusiasm and a sympathetic voice, you will take care of the needs of our international patients, answer their calls and questions.

Human proximity is reflected in your education – in the field of medicine, naturopathy or other career paths.  As a strong and open communicator, you are happy to take on responsibility, and you are completely reliable. In any case, you should be a multi-tasker and a team player. English or French language skills are an advantage for your new job. Do you meet all these requirements? Then Naturheilzentrum Bottrop offers you the opportunity to actively participate in the visions and the future of the nabo team.

What you can expect from nabo?

Working at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop offers you an innovative and professional institution with a particularly good reputation, and it provides you with a secure place of work, as well as:

  • Opportunities for Personal fulfillment
  • A broad range of development opportunities
  • A technologically advanced and comfort-oriented work environment

Are you as enthusiastic about the prospects of this job offer as the nabo team? Then please send us your detailed, written and complete application with photo, stating your realistic salary expectations and proof of your previous qualifications by post (not by e-mail). Applications by other means will not be considered. Please refrain from making telephone inquiries.


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