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music therapy

body in harmony

music is said to possess the power to harmonize the organ system and the metabolism. tones and sounds consist of different physical wavelengths that are absorbed by the body and can thus have an effect on the different organ areas. this way, sound is often able to activate self-healing powers and to positively influence organ functions. at naturheilzentrum bottrop, farid zitoun and christian rüger pursue traditional and innovative methods alike with this holistic natural healing method.

music therapy is said to be effectively applicable with regard to health problems such as headaches, tense shoulders and neck, but also in view of diseases of the rheumatic spectrum. for instance, the nabo team sends special and targeted impulses into the body with a soothing singing bowl massage. as a result, mental and physical relaxation as well as inner peace can emerge. the gentle sounding of a singing bowl creates vibrations that are transmitted into the body. they impact every cell. the effect of this extraordinary healing method: a massage of the inner organs.

power of sounds

music therapy is one of the oldest kinds of therapy that exist. it is able to reduce pain and problems through attentive listening and relaxing perception, it can have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. hindu mantras, shamanic chants or drums – the process of healing is tightly tied to vibrations in many cultures. sounds and tones can help to make the areas within us, which have gone out of balance, resonate and to restore their natural frequency towards each other. the right kind of music can provide sustainable relaxation and loosen blockages.

reviving ancient knowledge

with the help of new methods, naturheilzentrum bottrop transports ancient knowledge into modernity. utilizing primary instincts and getting back to what's important – these are additional facets of this discipline. stimulating all senses, harmonizing body, mind and soul, as well as releasing energy - this is the intention of the nabomade® music therapy, which deliberately gets under your skin. to revitalize and facilitate the experiencing of the healing treasures of nature via the senses in order to create good health.

healing sounds

compositions with seamless transitions to calm, harmonic pieces can trigger a deeply relaxing and also regenerative effect. in medicine, music as a therapy draws upon a millenniums-old history: egyptian priests already employed sounds as a treatment. the healing effect of sounds was also relied upon by the chinese. a large part of the knowledge of the effects and the applicability of music as a therapy form has been lost over the centuries. "however, there are currently several efforts to reconstruct this knowledge and to make it therapeutically usable", explain the naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger. the various treatment approaches share one similarity: they focus on the inner organs and their respective functional circles. “through sounds, harmony disturbances can be improved, while problems and pain can be alleviated”, the two natural healing professionals explain.

healthy harmony as a basis

with their project nalabo, farid zitoun and christian rüger prove that music can not only have an impact inside every single Person, but also that it can come across quite cool and entertaining. together with the musician, thomas rybka, a cd with twelve work-life balance tracks was developed. based on the five elements of chinese medicine, rhythms have distinct effects on the Human body. “every single organ has its own operating frequency. the one of the heart differs from the one of the liver. together with the composer, this knowledge was incorporated into the music”, say the two founders of nabo. the result: an extraordinary pleasuse to listen to with clearly intended mainstream character.

“this was precisely our idea”, says farid zitoun. “we regularly play chill-out music à la café del mar in our lounge, to our patients’ delight. creating music that appeals, slows us down and touches us, but that also which acts as an audible therapy without a prescription, that is our objective.” colors and their specific effects are also incorporated into the sounds. natural balancing of all senses, via the eye and the ear. letting go, feeling released endorphins and relaxing. prescription-free and effective.

*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.