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The Ruhr metropolis, not without a reason

It is not without a reason that the location for the natural healing center was chosen in this region. Right here, in the middle of the so-called “pot”, or to put it simply: here in Bottrop you can enjoy a very special way of hospitality. You just sense the sublime charm of the Ruhr region with its cosmopolitan attitude and the helpfulness of the locals.

This special atmosphere also characterizes the nabo team: besides the actual treatment, a complete service package including travel arrangements to the natural healing center, a suitable accommodation as well as a tailor-made supporting program is at the patients’ and their relatives’ disposal for maximum convenience in Bottrop. Welfare on the highest level, right from the start, at nabo and in Bottrop. According to the motto: only a place where you feel good creates room for health improvement.

Host & lodging for the visit at the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop

The place to settle and recharge one’s batteries

Not only for the patients, but also for the nabo crew, the city of Bottrop is part of a healthy master plan. Perfectly organized by the reception team and in close cooperation with the local touristic network. Thus, holistic thinking goes far beyond just arranging an appointment with Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. nabo takes care of a lot more than just a relaxing stay for patients and their relatives, and it is arranged in the same individual way as the tailor-made treatments.

The health institution Personally cooperates with regional hotels, pharmacies, restaurants and, besides trade, also with private B&Bs. Patients visiting their treatments accompanied by their relatives obtain the so-called all-inclusive Nabomade® care package upon request and stay at their selected hotel rooms or holiday flats during this time. During periods without treatments, a lot of cultural highlights in the old Ruhr district and the innovation city of Bottrop are waiting for you to be discovered, such as the lovely “Grafenmühle”, Bottrop’s green lung or the well-known leisure park of Feldhaus (Feldhauser Freizeitpark).


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Healthy food for a sustainable life

Farid Zitoun’s and Christian Rüger’s approach goes like this: food for health. Besides the hotel kitchens, many restaurants such as the “Zorbas” with its Greek cuisine, as well as special dishes including recipes from Naturheilzentrum Bottrop look after the visitors’ well-being in the “greenest city” of the Ruhr metropolis. The finely-tuned meals use spices and other ingredients according to dietetic therapy principles.

“It is of great importance to us that our patients obtain the right, as well as a therapy-supporting nutrition during their stay. Besides, Bottrop’s population can benefit from these vitality dishes’, too”, Farid Zitoun explains. “A new awareness has emerged, both when it comes to eating and in the kitchen. Even more and more younger People ask themselves the question ‘what good can I do for my body and myself?’ Due to increased requirements, particularly in today’s professional environment, it is becoming increasingly important to preserve and protect one’s own health as long as possible.”

Here you can feel good

The start to a healthy life

It all begins with a Personal invitation to an initial complementary medical examination carried out by the two heads of the institution of the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, who are supported by their competence team. This four-hour basic examination is the first module at nabo. This results in an analysis regarding the current state including information on possible dispositions and their triggers as well as the concrete afflictions at hand. Profound diagnostics, which is explained in a simple way in order to achieve a maximum of comprehensibility, is the basis for the most useful, or simply, the most effective therapy.

Thus, patients obtain an individual concept containing an initial treatment with medication, as well as a further treatment. It’s their own choice now, whether or not they wish to take advantage of the second module, i.e. The proposed therapy. If they go for it, a treatment lasting up to ten days with continuous monitoring for maximum success follows. Each patient obtains his or her own Personal timetable, taking into consideration sufficient resources for post-treatment effects, which arouses the desire to discover the city itself, their People and the history of the Ruhr region.

Over the years, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger have forged established and continuous partnerships with important institutions in the city of Bottrop. Thus, they strengthen the city’s infrastructure and enrich the environment of nabo. The local pharmacies, for example, send homeopathic medicine with ingredients recommended by nabo around the globe; just one example among many of the cooperative culture and sustainable integration of nabo in its environment.

Naturheilzentrum - Healing place to recharge your batteries

More relaxed, more recovered and even healthier

This is the goal of each stay at the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. The nabo team stands for sustainable treatments, with professionalism and passion. And for the time after: concrete, implementable recommendations, to make sure that the patients are also well in the future.

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