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Universally vitalizing the organism

This special form of acupuncture developed in Korea combines aspects and the experience of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine. The method developed by Professor Park Jae Woo comprises multiple systems; projection systems (somatotopes), meridians (energy channels), chakras, and many more.

As a special form of treatment of the micro system of acupuncture, it is applied to hands and feet (“Su” English, hand, “Jok” English, foot). This is where completely matching systems for the whole body are situated. The versatility of the treatment options makes Su-Jok a very effective and quick-to-learn diagnosis and treatment method.

An effective, universal technique

If one imagines the anatomy of the Human body as a holistic system, hands and feet represent a small but true reflection of the whole body. In this system, the thumbs and big toes represent the head of People. Besides its function as an extension of the four main limbs – arms and legs – hands and feet have the function of a “remote control”. With their help, illnesses all over the body can be treated.

Both organs and joints should be able to respond positively to the application of this universal technique. The principle of hand and foot acupuncture states that various body parts, which correspond to each other, respond similarly to external influences. Thus, if a body part is affected by ailments and troubles, the same point in the corresponding body part is also affected.

Conversely, medical treatment from the outside will have the same impact on the affected body part as its counterpart in another part of the body. Knowledge of the principles of this hand and foot acupuncture opens up new and innovative opportunities for Personal health and holistic well-being. The Su-Jok therapy is an ideal complement to traditional medicine. It is subject to the same assumptions of equivalent and mutual dependencies, which carry the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. In addition to purely physical ailments it can be helpful with psycho-emotional problems. The fact that it can be taught well and its clear system offer promising approaches for the holistic treatment of ailments and troubles. The Su-Jok therapy can be very effective and, in some cases, it allows immediate results.

Learn innovative acupuncture techniques

A versatile discovery

The Su-Jok therapy was established in South Korea in 1987. Its founder is Professor Park Jae Woo, a graduate of the National University in Seoul. He has taught in numerous countries and published many books on acupuncture and herbal medicine. In 1953 he already discovered, when examining his hand, a striking resemblance to the Human body. In 1974, Park as an enthusiastic advocate of classical acupuncture, developed a concept for the representation of the Human body and the hand.

10 years later, he wrote a comprehensive description of the Human equivalent system. This is how his meanwhile widely publicized findings gained national and international fame and the first Su-Jok acupuncture institute opened its doors in Seoul. Since then this innovative concept has had worldwide success. Many patients report positive results in the treatment of serious illnesses.

More and more doctors and specialists get trained in this revolutionary and amazingly logical method of healing. Professor Park has since developed further instruments and refined the possible effects of the corresponding points.


  • The universality of the process
  • Emergence and historical background of the Su-Jok therapy
  • Principles and guidelines of this special form of acupuncture
  • Examples of use and application
  • Practical part


Where Hamburg (Germany)
When Saturday, 14. December 2024 — Saturday, 21. December 2024
Language German
Number of participants Limited number of participants, max: 16
Lecturers Lecturers: Farid Zitoun & Christian Rüger
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