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Goal-oriented and individual therapy, with the required seriousness and utmost calmness. Time pressure is a foreign word at Naturheilzentrum BottropFarid ZitounChristian Rüger and their team take time for People, for their physical discomfort and emotional condition. All parties, patients, their relatives and the nursing environment experience the highest esteem and professionalism here.

Organization and tailor-made processes, from the initial examination to Personal treatment or therapy. Caringly accompanied by a highly motivated team of experienced specialists from various naturopathic disciplines and an awareness of the most effective treatments.

Therapy suitable for children at the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop

Healing place holds healing diversity

Patients benefit from an exceptionally broad spectrum of therapies at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. These include disciplines such as eye acupuncturesnake venom therapy, leech therapy, oxygen multistep therapy (SMT), manual treatments or even therapeutic sounds. In addition, our own special Nabomed® concept, developed by Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, combines specific microsystem applications, which provides a new way of boosting regeneration potential. Here, tradition and modernity are unmistakably linked together, adding a valuable treatment concept to classical alternative medicine.

Regeneration rather than stagnation. The specialist team uses every available piece of knowledge and treads new paths every day to expand the boundaries of what is possible. The specialty of this treatment methodology: the results of diagnosis and root cause analysis are purposefully interrelated and analyzed separately in order to filter out the true essence. With a special needle stitch technique based on acupuncture, the Nabomed® concept sets new standards as an exceptional form of stimulation therapy. Especially with aftereffects resulting from a traumatic brain injury, stroke or other brain damage, experience shows and recommends the use of this treatment strategy. With paralysis and the consequences after a heart attack, this young concept has also been used in therapy for almost two decades. The entire nabo team sees it as a matter of course to act with foresight and see the bigger picture. Therefore, relatives and associated Persons are consciously incorporated in the holistic healing process. The same applies to the treating physicians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc. Strengthening synergies for a joint path, hand in hand.


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Holistic approach – Nabomade® regeneration

Being a patient at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop especially means being Human. This is a central part of the nabo philosophy and it is reflected in the natural way patients and relatives are dealt with. Many People, who are treated at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, are severely limited in their health, whether due to serious illnesses or accidents.

The nabo team does not only see the particular disease, but also the nature of the patient, with all his fears, hopes, and his Personal history.

These factors play a crucial role and are considered when developing the individual treatment concept. The two avid practitioners, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, are convinced that you have to consider People as a unity of body, mind and soul. For a successful treatment and a promising therapy, it is essential to identify the relationship between the physical and psychological factors. For this reason, the treatment is not just carried out on a medical and therapeutic level, but also on an emotional one. “This is our understanding of real and holistic regeneration,” explains Farid Zitoun. A great deal of compassion, empathy and directness is required in order to meet the individual patient’s needs at all these levels. Besides experience, this is the great strength of Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. With its two moving and empathetic founders, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, nabo has two very different characters, and yet characters who perfectly complement each other and fulfill these requirements.

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop - in good hands
Health and design at the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop

Recognizing the connection between physical and psychological

For a successful treatment and a promising therapy, it is essential to recognize the connection between physical and psychological factors. For this reason, treatment takes place precisely not only on the medical-therapeutic level, but equally on the emotional level. “This is our understanding of real and holistic regeneration,” explains Farid Zitoun. Here, a high degree of Humanity, empathy and straightforwardness are required in order to do justice to the individual patient on all these levels.

Exactly therein also lies, in addition to experience, the great strength of the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. With its two moving and empathetic founders Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, the nabo has two very different and yet perfectly complementary characters who fulfill this claim.

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