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nabo-blog up to date - focussing on skin health
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nabo blog topic: a good skin feeling with psoriasis, neurodermatitis & co. in focus

health close up - breaking the vicious cycle of itching and scratching

farid zitoun is a passionate naturopath, and the co-founder and director of a facility for naturopathic procedures in the ruhr area (naturheilzentrum bottrop). skin health - especially when it concerns children with psoriasis and neurodermatitis (atopic eczema) – is a topic that he encounters more and more often in everyday practice.

it's not pleasant and really tugs at my heartstrings if i have such a small child sitting in front of me for an initial patient consultation. the little arms and legs completely covered in scratches. there are blemishes over the whole body or red patches that are often inflamed. sometimes they have weeping or dry sores. for most People, the above-mentioned symptoms are accompanied by almost unbearable itching. neurodermatitis or psoriasis can be the preliminary diagnoses. this is often bad news for the whole family.

parents try everything possible to make the little patients’ suffering more bearable. especially at night when the big itch arrives. if they could, they would prefer to eliminate the symptoms completely. there are mothers, fathers, siblings of the children, as well as grandparents who share the pain. and i can really understand all this.

important point for those affected: the experience of care and understanding

mothers and patients sit opposite me, totally exhausted and helpless. everyone who knows me knows how dear children are to my heart. i can understand the families’ situation all too well. i Personally dislike woollen pullovers and, to this day, i can remember the sensation of my grandmother’s hand-knitted socks on my skin. they drove me mad, even though i love my grandma dearly. however, their scratchiness cannot be compared with the burden that skin disorders frequently bring. the constant itching, the scratched patches of skin - inflamed and slow to heal. it’s clear to see how much the mothers often have to bear. they no longer know what they should do. in germany, around one in ten pre-school children suffers from neurodermatitis. an incredible number. and we still do not know exactly how to decode the progression of this disease. because the triggers are manifold. usually, the symptoms are treated with anti-inflammatory ointments and tablets for the most part.

at naturheilzentrum bottrop, care & understanding for PEOPLE form the central focus

supporting skin health & well-being naturally

skin health is extremely important. ultimately, the skin is our largest sensory and contact organ. a healthy skin protects us from injury, providing protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses.

with skin diseases, you can therefore select a different but complementary approach to conventional therapy via alternative medicine. a holistic eye is always kept on the patients, as well as the environment with all its influences on People: nutrition, psyche or possible allergies. in my opinion, all of this always should and must be individually considered for every single diagnosis so that the appropriate therapy concept for the affected Person can be determined by the naturopath. existing medical findings are evaluated here by us at naturheilzentrum bottrop and combined with the results of a detailed status survey on site. there are various treatment approaches in complementary medicine. practical experience in recent years has Personally shown me that the right therapy should be as individual as possible, but above all, determined together with the patient. in the best case scenario, the resulting treatment combination will then lead to a decisive breakthrough. because what helps one Person does not necessarily have the same good effect on others. but - i think – that’s generally well known.

healthy eating - does the skin good

i do something good for my skin every day. how? very easily, with a few tasty fruit and vegetable snacks in between. vegetarians, flexitarians or those who are vegans will appreciate this.

1. for breakfast in the morning, i look forward to two or three slices of melon that i place on my portion of oats and mix with rice or oat milk. this not only tastes great and sets me up for the day, but the melons contain a lot of lycopene (a very useful carotenoid, which effectively wards off uv rays). the oats stimulate the metabolism, giving energy and contain a lot of essential vitamins such as vitamin b1, b6, and vitamin e, as well as zinc, calcium and magnesium, which are important for our immune defense and a healthy skin metabolism too.

2. as i follow a meat-free diet, i enjoy the complete color palette of vegetables most of all for lunch. those who like greenery, as i do, can opt for vegetables such as broccoli and spinach alongside classic salads. they have it all. they are a real health booster due to their high content of antioxidants. they can protect our cells from free radicals (aggressive oxygen molecules). and they also do our skin good, as they build up a natural protective function against uv rays.

3. towards evening, i treat myself every now and then to one or perhaps two small pieces of dark chocolate. i don’t have the slightest bit of guilt about doing so. because cocoa also contains substances that fight free radicals and thus actively combats cellular aging. incidentally, the higher the cocoa content, the better the effect. and saving the best news for last: in this case, you don’t need to check the package insert, nor consult your naturopath, physician or pharmacist about risks and side effects. there basically aren’t any ;-)

as you will see, you’ll be doing your body and your skin a world of good if you adhere to the "traffic light-principle" for your daily diet. i.e.: eat something green, something yellow and something red every day. because, as a rule, this should cover the need for vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, and thus promote your (skin’s) health in a very natural way.

naturheilzentrum blog: healthy eating is also good for your skin

as an inherently curious Human BEING, the following questions are naturally of interest to me: how do you do something good for you and your skin with simple household remedies? what experiences have you had that you can pass on to others?

about the author

farid zitoun

farid zitoun

... repeatedly infects people with his good mood and warm-hearted manner. competency, benevolence, and an eye for the patient behind the illness characterize one of the two founders of naturheilzentrum in the ruhr area. with his boundless energy and a great deal of commitment, farid zitoun puts in a lot of effort for his patients (and beyond) on a daily basis. this is so they are able to rediscover their courage. paediatrics is one of his particular specialties and a topic that is very close to the heart of the passionate alternative-medicine practitioner.ner.

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