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healthy cuisine: a good attitude toward life

happy to be at the kitchen island every day - that's why cooking is more than just a trend for many People

hello, my name is oliver schröder and i have the pleasure to being able to blog here for you today. as an enthusiastic cook, kitchen planner and the boss of a kitchen studio, i spend every day in the kitchen – including in my Personal life. i am therefore one of the exceptions – as far as men are concerned. but i can justifiably claim that - aside from my family - kitchens are my world. i am well-versed in the subject. i know what the advantages of sous-vide cooking are vis-à-vis preparing roast lamb in a conventional oven. moreover, i should know this. as the owner of a kitchen business, such things ultimately form part of my core competencies.


nowadays, the kitchen constitutes the center of our lives – more than ever. it is far more than a room where cooking is done. it is a communicative meeting point. the kitchen is where food is cooked and eaten, together with the family. the day is discussed there, plans for the next day are forged. the times when a frozen pizza was shoved into the oven, in which food just had to fill you up, are long gone. no more and no less. today, cooking together, having meals together, and the knowledge about what we consume have a completely different significance.

because health and nutrition are important

we deal differently with the topics of health and nutrition

i am not alone here. in discussions with my customers, it is always clear that a lot has happened in recent years. we deal differently with the topics of nutrition and health. we are more informed, more mature. we know what we want and what we don’t want. a conscious and healthy attitude toward food has become a matter of course for most of us.

healthy cuisine is not a trend for a small group of People – consisting of higher earners, eco-activists, or those who want to make the world a better place. for many of us, this is now linked to an awareness of life. we try to get sufficient exercise in spite of the job and the family commitments. sport is regularly on the ‘to-do list’. as responsible citizens, we know where the advantages lie. health issues are becoming more and more topical, even on social media. there are health forums and blogs, where you can find a plethora of things that are well worth knowing. they include many items that can be easily integrated into your own life. i also blog on instagram and the like.

filming for the nabomade youtube channel

after filming the bottrop-based youtubers and naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger from the naturopathic practice (naturheilzentrum) in our studio, i naturally turned on my tablet, and did a little surfing of naturheilzentrum’s web pages. compact health care knowledge packaged for everyday use. this can be found in a wide variety of subjects in the nabo blog. i found this to be exciting. and there was one topic area that also interested me as a family man. namely that fat is not only important as a flavor carrier, but helps our body with the intake of certain vitamins. i discovered this during the recordings - virtually between the stove and the pan. don’t you know what i'm talking about? then please click on the nabomade youtube channel and watch the current vlog on the topic: ‘carrots - enormous health potential - now take a look at the recipe!’ for more on this.

teamwork for a result that is healthy and rich in vitamins

unprocessed and of organic quality

many People in our circle of friends and acquaintances have now completely dispensed with industrially processed food. fresh food is the order of the day. we want everything to be as unprocessed as possible, and it’s best if it’s of organic quality. we study the ingredients when we go shopping. not all strawberry yogurt is the same, not all breads are equal, and there are also differences in the processing and production of fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. the decision lies with us. we must and can choose.

how important is healthy, natural cuisine to you? this topic constantly crops up in planning discussions that i have with customers. i am not referring to the selection of materials. they plan their new kitchen as a special place. fully consciously. a place where, with the help of modern appliances, food that is rich in vitamins, healthy and, of course, also delicious can be cooked. where eating is fun.

looking over the shoulder at naturheilzentrum

dispense with artificial additives – bring on food that you can have fun with

of course, this can only happen if our bodies do not have negative reactions. artificial additives and preservatives are therefore receiving an increasing amount of criticism. of course, this also applies to convenience products. perhaps because the food intolerances are on the rise. we already have to pay attention to what our children eat. allergies have increased significantly.

there is a lot that goes through our minds, and i notice this in myself . we are now interested in what a poor diet can do to us long term. we know what is good for our bodies. when valuable nutrients are destroyed or unhealthy additives are mixed in, e.g., to make a product last longer, many of us will no longer put it in the shopping cart.

clean eating: active interest in sensible and natural nutrition

clean eating is also on the rise

‘clean eating’ refers to a nutritional movement, which means exactly what it says. a return to a sensible and natural diet.

many People in my circle of friends have been baking their own bread for long time, simply to rule out the risk of consuming artificial additives at the breakfast table. tomatoes, kohlrabi or zuccini are grown on the balcony or in their own garden. not only do the kids find this exciting, but when they head off to kindergarten and elementary school in the morning, they go seldom leave the house without some raw food in their breakfast boxes. sliced cucumbers, peppers, a carrot. a good start for a day at the kindergarten and for later life. because a healthy diet should not start after you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

lifestyle to go and recipe tips for the office – nabomade

incidentally, i have a very Personal recipe tip for you which you can enjoy during the upcoming days in the fall: salad in the glass. a practical idea that is also ideal for the office.

the right layers are important – in addition to the taste and many healthy ingredients. potatoes, quinoa, noodles or rice belong right at the bottom of the glass. then there are no limits to your imagination: different kinds of lettuce, beans, peppers, cucumbers, sprouts and nuts - everything can be put in the glass. the whole thing is guaranteed to remain crisp until lunchtime. and when garnished with a homemade salad dressing, the lunch is not only delicious, but healthy too. try it! i wish you ‘bon appétit’.

my reading recommendation on the topic is: ‘health kick for between meals: carrots to go’ in the nabomade news. hier klicken 

do you have a favorite recipe that would you like to share with me? i'm looking forward to hearing about it.


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