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The nabo blog: The power of pictures - this is how photos and videos affect our health

Photographer Philipp Kaul on the power that pictures have on our emotions and psyche and how you can use them to benefit your health

Hello from Wuppertal! My name is Philipp Kaul and as a photography and video expert, I make sure that People and landscapes look particularly good in pictures – including, for example, the team from Naturheilzentrum Bottrop (“nabo” for  short). We have already taken part in numerous video sessions and vlogs together, compiling informative, funny and, of course, exciting information on the topic of health and lifestyle for you.

Things don’t always work out as planned and this is, in large part, why filming together with the nabo team and the two naturopaths, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger is such a joy. Flops, failures, and fumbles - plus a big dose of humor. You’ll find out what that entails by clicking on the following clip. By the way, I'm sure that you will also have a hearty chuckle at this!

Pictures are snapshots of your own happiness - and of the soul

Through my work as a photographer, I have a very special view of the world and I know that pictures are more than just images of People and their surroundings. I felt that very strongly during an extended stay in New Zealand.

New Zealand is - in comparison to our environment - huge and impressive in its vastness. Admittedly, the two main islands extend over a maximum of 300 kilometers, from north to south, and the country encompasses about 1,600 kilometers. In terms of the land area, only a few places have been intensively populated, which ensures that the countryside is untouched and unique forms of vegetation flourish.

New Zealand: pictures are snapshots of your own happiness

The magic of New Zealand is hard to capture and even less easy to describe. Therefore, I am exclusively showing the readers of the nabo blog a short video, which was put together after my stay in New Zealand:


Pictures rouse emotions - and make you happy!

Images - moving or not - are not just a means to an end for me. They should and can create moods and rouse emotions when they are seen. This has even been proven scientifically: in 2011, psychologists at the University of Leipzig discovered that emotional images are automatically perceived by the brain - even if we do not consciously realize this:

Full concentration for great shots

This is even possible for amateur photographers, because our own photos also provide happiness. In a study conducted by the University of Southern California in 2016, researchers discovered that those who captures everyday experiences in pictures, are much happier (

The reason for this is that your awareness automatically increases when taking pictures or filming. The perception of what we experience then also increases - and so does the joy of it.

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop: Guest author and photographer Philipp Kaul getting sporty in New Zealand

As a professional behind the camera, I would like to know how the readers of the nabo blog hold on to very Personal memories: Do you like taking pictures? And if so - which ones? What are your tips for the perfect picture - and more importantly, with whom do you share this? I would be happy to receive a lot of creative input and so, undoubtedly, would the other readers. Commenting is therefore strongly encouraged! In that sense, "farewell" - until the next great video from Naturheilzentrum Bottrop.


about the author

Gastautor Philipp Kaul

Guest author Philipp Kaul

... is 19 years young - and yet has seen a lot of the world. As a photographer and videographer at nabo, he has been involved in several video productions on the topic of lifestyle and health and, as an entrepreneur, he takes care of the needs of his customers in his own studio. Whether it’s wedding photography or a location search for the perfect picture, Philipp Kaul always finds an opportunity to click the shutter. His stay in New Zealand was therefore marked by the desire to create great pictures for all eternity - a selection of which he is exclusively showing in the nabo blog.

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