Naturopathy – my very personal passion and passion

Christian Rüger
Naturopathy – my very personal passion and passion

Passion for the healing power from nature - from plant knowledge to acupuncture and snake venom therapy (Snakemed)

Hello and good day! I am Christian Rüger, along with my colleague Farid Zitoun one of the directors of the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. In my profession as a non-medical practitioner, I now look back on more than 30 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine or alternative healing methods and naturopathy. During this time I have studied some interesting, exciting but above all effective therapy methods and practice them with pleasure until today. What my professional experience has also taught me: There is not “the one” therapy that always helps and is suitable for every patient! Every Person is different, or simply individual – and the art of the experienced naturopath is precisely not to prescribe standard treatments, but to focus on the individual and to define a tailor-made treatment concept for each Person, which does not favor “the one method”, but is a combination of different procedures of one’s own expertise – these can be particularly effective or clearly provable points from various procedures of acupuncture, phytotherapy or snake venom treatment.

One hand holding a red corn snake
Passion for the healing power from nature

Valuing natural healing

A few weeks ago, the renowned Allensbach Institute conducted a representative survey with over 1000 interviews on the topic of homeopathy. In it, it was shown that most Germans are familiar with homeopathy (even if this is not necessarily provable to the last) and almost a quarter of the population is convinced of the effectiveness of natural medicine. Similar results were also shown by a survey of healthcare professionals conducted by the career portal Medwing: 56 percent of the nearly 1,500 healthcare professionals consider alternative and complementary medicine to be useful and make their patients aware of alternative medicine. The most commonly recommended procedures are herbal preparations (39 percent), closely followed by homeopathic medicines (37 percent), meditation (35 percent), yoga (34 percent) and acupuncture (33 percent).

Image of a sunset in Bottrop

Under the concept of a holistic approach, a wide range of these procedures is applied in our facility for complementary medicine. It is precisely the combination of various naturopathic procedures that creates synergies: For it is precisely this that stands in contrast to standard treatment. I Personally pursue individual therapy solutions for our patients together with my colleague in the form of a customized treatment concept in order to restore and maintain their health.

You can see the head of a smiling boy and a sheep in the background

Acupuncture and phytotherapy – two established therapeutic approaches

The healing method of acupuncture, which is the stimulation of certain points in the body with thin needles, originated over 2000 years ago in various cultures and countries in Asia. It was brought to Germany by Chinese physicians in the 1950s, but was not adopted by German physicians until the 1970s. Today, acupuncture is widely used in Germany as an alternative healing method. For my colleague Farid Zitoun and me, acupuncture is one of the pillars of our therapeutic activity. This certainly has something to do with the fact that we have been intensively involved with a wide variety of systems in various countries from an early stage. For many, we are therefore considered today beyond the borders of Germany probably also as pioneers or specialists among other things in the eye acupuncture. This can be a gentle complement to conventional medical treatment for various eye diseases such as glaucoma (glaucoma), macular degeneration (maculopathy). We also share our knowledge as lecturers with colleagues from various medical specialties and fields, not only throughout Europe.

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My love for nature also has something to do with my passion for medicinal plants and their use on Humans. Phytotherapy or herbal medicine (this includes monastic medicine) was used by our ancestors over 6000 years ago to heal wounds and relieve pain. This is evidenced by clay tablets with cuneiform writing that were found and deciphered in the Persian Gulf. And we know from excavations that even Neanderthals consumed plant parts to heal themselves. It was a long way from the plant therapy of the medieval herb women to modern phytotherapy. Today, the healing effects of herbal remedies and their active ingredients are quite well studied and documented.

The alternative practitioner Christian Rüger with a photographer
Alternative practitioner Christian Rüger: “The individual is our focus”

Snakemed treatment: Children & snake venom – a gentle alternative?

The Snakemed therapy (see also the article in the news section of our website), is based on toxins, such as snake venom and other animal substances like those of bees, frogs and scorpions. As a naturopath, I understand the use of Snake Venom Therapy as an important and also effective way to naturally (as well as minimally invasively) give impulses to the body to rebalance itself and in the best case even heal itself. Here the experience plays a not insignificant role in particular with the execution. Finally, the treatment with animal poisons is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Fundamental before any Snakemed application is a detailed and thorough preliminary examination basis in the Naturopathic Center Bottrop. This should always be done before the first treatment to ensure that the right remedy is administered at the right time. Besides, this corresponds to the principles of due diligence of responsible work.

In a treatment room a patient is treated with acupuncture

As with most alternative therapies, it is important to remember that these therapies are also complementary options and not substitutes for conventional medical treatments. Experience shows that snake venom therapy is an interesting and promising approach for many to positively influence regeneration in various chronic diseases such as allergies or neurodermatitis – this is impressively shown by the results in patients*.

Expertise from three decades of applied naturopathy – extensive practical experience

In naturopathy, animals and their poisons have a firm place, as already shown by the symbol of the medical and pharmaceutical stand: Asclepius’ staff with the snake. In medicine, snake venom has been used for centuries. In the naturopathy center Bottrop we look back among other things in the meantime on nearly 30 years snake poison therapy and that nearly side effect-free. Summa Summarum animal poisons can represent an important medicine from the “pharmacy of nature” and be helpful. Especially if they are used correctly, carefully and precisely dosed.

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Have you Personally had any experience with naturopathy or even snake venom? What do you think about it? “Without me!” or “But always!”? Feel free to write me your opinion and experiences in the comments! I am looking forward to it.

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Your Christian Rüger

Christian Rüger
About the author
Christian Rüger
... sets a good example in terms of health. he motivates PEOPLE with his vast knowledge, calm demeanor, and – above all - the interest he shows in them. as a reliable representative of the naturopathy of tomorrow, the director of naturheilzentrum bottrop conveys his knowledge as an author, lecturer, and teacher. patients particularly rely on his skills in the treatment of chronic degenerative eye diseases. christian rüger represents an enrichment to complementary medicine with his therapeutic approach, and has therefore gained attention beyond the borders of germany.

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