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a healthy breakfast - this is the perfect way to start your day!

the nabo blog – a  meal at the eikamper höhe hotel

most People cannot imagine a successful day without the right breakfast - the body literally craves energy, especially after sleep, and waits for us to supply it with the right food.

hello, my name is sven petry. since the beginning of 2010, i have been managing the eikamper höhe hotel in beautiful odenthal ( as a family business, together with my wife. i assist my wife here – especially in the areas of marketing and design. our guests are business travelers for the most part. however, we quite often also welcome visitors who are just searching for rest and relaxation; they look forward to being able to switch off from the stress of everyday life in the bergisches land.

nabomade vlog; filming with us in odenthal - naturheilzentrum bottrop pays us a visit

the closeness to nature and our focus on health and balance provided the incentive for the two naturopaths and youtubers farid zitoun & christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop (nabo) to pay a visit to our establishment. the filming was a completely new experience for us - the result was not just an informative video blog on the subject of a healthy breakfast, but also a short film that perfectly reflects the nabo wit outside of the bottrop location.

the facilities of our establishment as well as the furnishing of the individual rooms, the location of the hotel in the middle of the bergisches land and the buffet breakfast offered by us provide our guests with the setting for some perfect time out – and the basis of this is a healthy and balanced meal after getting up. the two complementary-medicine practitioners view this the same way.

the naturopaths farid zitoun & christian rüger: that's why breakfast can be so important

a varied breakfast as the basis for a successful day: this has also been recognized by scientists - such as prof. dr. froböse from the german sport university in cologne:

the perfect start to the day - not without reason

our guests can enjoy a great view of the bergisches land from our bright and stylish breakfast room. a large sun terrace is also available on warm days and when the weather is good: how about breakfast in the fresh, open air?

we offer fresh bread daily (e.g. raisin bread, rye bread, egg-white bread, and wholemeal bread) plus various bread rolls (from crispy white bread rolls to wholemeal spelt rolls, grain bread rolls, rye bread rolls, and more). the range also includes gluten-free loaves and rolls. the motto: the main thing is that it’s healthy and diverse!

nutritional studies show: breakfast - it's the mix that matters

in order to meet the requirements of possibly every guest with our breakfast buffet, our range of cheese and sausage products naturally includes vegetarian and vegan foods. fresh fruit salads, various sorts of creamy yoghurt, and crunchy cereal varieties are especially popular. of course, there are lactose-free alternatives for People with lactose intolerance.

if possible, we source our products from regional suppliers such as the nearby chicken farm, the farm shops and the local bakery. the ‘regional and seasonal’ approach is therefore not a fashion trend for us at the eikamper höhe hotel, but the fundamental principle in how we assemble and create our offers.

as hosts who like to serve healthy breakfasts to others, we are interested in how the readers of the nabo blog devise their Personal start to the day? briefly and concisely at home or in a large family circle and at your own pace? what do your breakfast rituals look like and - most importantly: what's on your table? we look forward to reading some great ideas and suggestions. maybe you’ll even visit us soon at the eikamper höhe hotel.


about the author

gastautor sven petry

guest author sven petry

... is a father of three and lives in cologne. he holds degrees in engineering and business administration, and has worked as a consultant for roland berger, mannesmann, and horváth & partners. while at obi group holding, he developed successful change processes with his department for the europe-wide retail group. today, as a corporate developer, mindfulness coach, scrum master, and systemic coach, he advises companies and executives on change processes. further information and dates are available online at

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