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Climate change: what to do? Counteracting climate change

Measures against climate change - what can we do about it

The climate is changing. Hardly any topic fuels as much fear of the future, especially among the younger generations, as the consequences of climate change. In fact,  it could be devastating for the world's population in the coming years, as a European Commission report indicates:

Heatwaves, melting polar-ice caps, and unforeseeable consequences for flora and fauna – given the catastrophic scenarios that experts are painting, it is hardly surprising that movements like "Fridays for Future" by Greta Thunberg are gaining popularity, especially among young People. Many People are now asking themselves the question: "How do we help combat climate change? What can we do about it?" And actually, there are many ways in which everyone can counteract climate change.

Climate change countermeasures - tips for everyone

For Christian Rüger, naturopath and lifestyle blogger at the Center for Integrative Medicine in Bottrop, People should focus more on their own contribution to climate change: "Many People talk about the impact of industry and large corporations on the climate, but ultimately, everyone should realize that the shared impact that each of us has on the climate is also huge. And the contribution we can make to fight climate change is just as big."

In the new video on the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop YouTube channel, Rüger talks to his colleague Farid Zitoun about concrete measures against climate change that everyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Because: "We often underestimate how big the influence of things can be, when they look totally small and insignificant at first glance", as Rüger puts it.

More mindfulness and sustainability can help the environment and the climate

Climate change: What to do in everyday life?

One important area where everyone can do something for the climate is in nutrition. A whopping 20% of all greenhouse gases are on account of our food - as Gitta Geue, environmental officer of the Bavarian Consumer Center, told Deutschlandfunk radio:

For Christian Rüger, several factors come into play here: "In terms of nutrition, there are several adjustments we can make which will have a noticeable effect on the emission of greenhouse gases. It’s very obvious that we should not throw away food. So, let’s only buy as much as we actually need. Other Personal measures we can take against climate change include eating less meat and buying products from local farmers, in particular, as the goods do not have to be transported over long distances. "

More energy efficiency protects the climate and is good for your health

Energy efficiency - protecting the climate by saving energy

Another field in which each individual can contribute to the fight against climate change is the saving of electricity and heat energy. Rüger also has specific tips on this: "On average, every citizen in Germany wastes huge amounts of electricity. It is often small things that add up. For example, it is enough to dispense with ‘standby modes’, boil only as much water as is needed, and replace every light bulb in the household with an energy-saving lamp or LED."

According to calculations by the Federal Government, up to 14 billion kilowatt hours alone could be saved by not using ‘standby mode’  – i.e., three percent of the total electricity consumption ( You’ll also find other interesting facts and tips re. saving energy on this site.

Little everyday things can make a big difference to the climate

Environmental protection & measures against climate change are closely linked

"At the end of the day, it is clear to me that each of us can and should do something about climate change," Rüger concludes. "We all have a responsibility for the planet and should comply with it - in the face of sometimes very emotional debates, in which different generations are unfortunately often pitted against each other. In addition, the issues of ‘climate’ and ‘environmental protection’ often go hand in hand and everyone can really benefit from them," Rüger continues.

"If everyone at least gets a little bit involved, active climate change countermeasures will be able to make an important contribution to making our environment and our planet a little better. And if, as a result, we get cleaner air, clean water, and an overall cleaner environment, then that will certainly have a positive impact on our health."

What everyone can do for their health and climate protection

Whether we can really stop climate change is questionable, as is the question of how much its effects will be felt.  However, greater awareness of our climate balance definitely won’t hurt, in any event.

Guest author, Silke Bender has dedicated a post to the topic of climate protection in the blog section on the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop website.

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