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nabo news: the general data protection regulation (gdpr) – finally more security for your Personal data

short, compact, and informative - five reasons why everyone can benefit from the gdpr

from may 25, 2018, the general data protection regulation (gdpr for short) will apply throughout europe. it is primarily conducive toward consumer protection and is designed to ensure uniform standards at european level, which are always important when companies collect, process, and store so-called Personal data. this includes, at the will of the legislator, all data that enables information to be assigned to a specific Person.

our daily work at the naturopathic practice is also covered by the scope of the gdpr. this brings numerous benefits with it for our patients– and we’ll tell you what they are!

here is the current video by the bottrop-based youtubers and naturopaths, farid zitoun & christian rüger. it is entitled:

'dsgvo: kurz, kompakt und informativ - neues für verbraucher’ (gdpr: short, compact, and informative - something new for consumers)



why am i as a patient or interested party at nabo affected by the general data protection regulation?

it’s quite simple: our center for integrative medicine is constantly reliant on collecting so-called ‘Personal data’ from patients. this is necessary to allow us to do our work effectively and efficiently. this data is collected, e.g. to maintain a patient’s file or for when we communicate with each other by telephone or e-mail - and also when we send out our nabo newsletter via our homepage with the latest information on current topics in the field of complementary medicine, naturopathy, and health.

of course, this sort of data is especially worthy of protection, particularly in the health sector. this was also recognized by the legislator and the requirements placed on the processing procedures surrounding this Personal data are particularly high. severe penalties will be imposed on companies that violate the gdpr – and thus, the general data protection regulation differs significantly from the previously applicable federal data protection act.

nabo news: because data protection is a fundamental right

what advantages do patients have from the general data protection regulation?

as naturopaths, the health of our patients is the top priority of our work. as a modern naturopathic center, we are not only concerned with treatment goals and alternative therapies over time - but also that all the processes and procedures ‘behind the scenes’ meet the latest requirements at nabo, and not just in a technical sense.

this means that numerous tasks, which used to be analogous in the past, were replaced by digitization at the naturopathic practice of tomorrow - which, on the one hand, saves a great deal of time but, on the other, opens up the possibility of securely storing and using important information. in addition, there is added value - more time for the patients on site.

the general data protection regulation at the naturopathic practice

advantage 1: by implementing the gdpr we’re protecting your data even more comprehensively!

the new legislation prohibits members of the health profession from processing sensitive data from patients - unless the processing is carried out by specialist staff. this means that Personal data can only be processed at the naturopathic practice if the processing is carried out by People who are qualified to do so and who are subject to professional confidentiality.

advantage 2: you’ll be better informed about what happens to your data!

incomprehensible data protection policies are a thing of the past with the gdpr. the directive expressly requires that patients learn - in detail and in easily understandable terms - what data is collected, where it is collected, who processes it, and where, how and for what purpose it is processed.

nabomade information competency

advantage 3: you must expressly agree to the collection of data!

a hidden ‘collection’ of Personal data is finally no longer possible with the implementation of the gdpr. this is because patients must give their express agreement when it comes to collecting sensitive data. this not only applies to all information relating to your health, but also to key data that can be assigned to a Person in other ways and means (for example, address, gender, ip address, etc.).

advantage 4: your data belongs to you alone!

this sounds obvious, but it has not always been guaranteed here and there by the federal data protection act. therefore, you can determine freely for yourself whether and when - and especially by whom - your data will be used in the future. this also includes the right to delete user data if you request it. companies that fail to meet these requirements face drastic sanctions. and rightly so!

nabomade data protection: good to know

advantage 5: whether it’s youtube, facebook or instagram - your data is even confidential in the social media sector!

the use of social media such as facebook & co. is nowadays mostly common practice. in the past, users often had doubts as to whether their Personal data was not being unwittingly exposed to external access. our active youtubers, farid zitoun and christian rüger also guarantee comprehensive protection through the implementation of the gdpr, so that patients and interested parties can continue to securely benefit from high-quality content relating to lifestyle, health & general information.

if you want to examine the topic of data protection and gdpr in more detail, it is worth taking a look at the legal text, and also at the naturheilzentrum bottrop tumblr blog (in german): ‘die eu-datenschutzgrundverordnung – (d)ein grundrecht auf datenschutz!‘ (the eu general data protection regulation – your fundamental right to privacy!) (

one thing is certain. it can be said today that: with the gdpr - as we see it - a first, but correct, step has finally been taken toward full consumer protection for everyone!!


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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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