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nabo news: power for your day - this is why breakfast is so important

the morning meal is regarded as the basis for efficiency - say scientists

for those who want to start the day in a healthy way, it is very important that the first meal after getting up is beneficial for the body and for health as a whole. it does not matter whether the breakfast is on the sweet or hearty side - the focus is rather on the composition and the associated distribution of macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

For many People, breakfast forms the basis for the whole day: "an empty stomach does not like to study" or "have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, and dinner like a beggar" are popular phrases that almost everyone knows from their childhood.

the youtubers, zitoun and rüger on the topic in their video blog – lifestyle and health:

however, researchers are now critically questioning the first meal of the day: in particular, having too much on the breakfast table can dramatically increase the intake of total calories. in the long run, this will mean gaining extra pounds and burdening the entire metabolism. current research results indicate that, contrary to general belief, the metabolism does not go into "in full swing" at breakfast time – in fact, only a very small proportion of the calories that are consumed here will be burned off again:

breakfast: also a question of calories

other scientists, on the other hand, never tire of emphasizing the importance of breakfast. however, the prerequisite is that it should be healthy and balanced – as this is the only way for breakfast to provide the energy boost that is needed to efficiently master everyday life. all those who skip breakfast will therefore be shown quite clearly that there is no power without breakfast – and therefore no success!

this is how breakfast can be healthy

in addition to the energy supply, the first meal of the day also fulfills other tasks. for example, investigations such as the study by the university of illinois show that having meals together automatically leads to a healthier diet – see also here: having breakfast together with the whole family or your partner is therefore not only much more entertaining, but it also does the whole body a lot of good!

three advantages that make for a healthy breakfast

the two bottrop-based naturopaths and vloggers farid zitoun & christian rüger also know from daily practice that a healthy and balanced breakfast has many positive effects on the body. at naturheilzentrum bottrop (‘nabo’ for short), the above mentioned arguments are supplemented by three further points, which lead to the conclusion that the breakfast can provide a solid basis for your body’s vital energy levels, and therefore a successful day: 

  1. keep the brain working at full throttle: the body’s main concern is to satisfy its energy needs. most of the consumed energy is spent on the brain - as a high-performance engine, which is responsible for how we think and act. without food, there is no energy. so those who start the day with a healthy breakfast, will also be in the fast lane when it comes to brain performance!
keep the brain working at full throttle – with a healthy breakfast
  1. no chance of ravenous hunger attacks: those who forego breakfast, have been proven to be inclined toward having a so-called "hole in the stomach". this is characterized by a great sense of hunger and is often filled with empty calories (such as candy or fast foods). a balanced breakfast - ideally with complex carbohydrates and plenty of protein - ensures that a ravenous hunger attack does not even materialize.
  2. adieu to weight problems: the right food at the right time can help to keep your weight under control. this is also known at nabo from more than two decades of experience. in numerous studies, scientists have tried to find a formula for the times that People should eat and how much they should eat. irrespective of the rest of the meal schedule, it has been shown that weight control is easier if the start of the day is marked by a healthy and satisfying breakfast:

by the way, regional and seasonal food should also play a major role in the preparation of breakfast - a visit to the weekly market can provide great ideas and suggestions here:

staying in the fast lane thanks to breakfast

knowledge from the naturopathic practice: regular meals - vitally important for children and adolescents

although their offspring, especially during puberty, sometimes like to skip breakfast when there is a lack of time, parents should make sure that children and adolescents do not leave the house without a balanced meal. this creates a basis for a successful day, both physically and mentally. having meals together strengthens the relationships within the family and thus also ensures that body and mind are equally nourished.

the reading tip in the nabo-blog: "a healthy breakfast - this is the perfect way to start your day!" (


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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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