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charm, magic and uniqueness

dear patients, relatives and friends,

stirring emotions and touching thoughts. tradition should be treated with care. let us defend our cherished values.

attentiveness | affectionate exchanges

a lasting, heartfelt thank you for an intense year together. humor, friendship, modesty as well as pure delight and passion are the words that come to mind when we think of the year 2012. we warmly welcome the new year.

farid zitoun & christian rüger

and the crew

news from the press | hearing health | bio magazine

not only did fit for fun recommend us, now bio gesundes hören, a german magazine for organic living, has mentioned the natural healing center as well. "at naturheilzentrum bottrop, a new generation of naturopaths has made it its task to transport naturopathy through the power of sound. because disturbances in the harmony of the organ system can be resolved by sounds, thus removing discomfort. the result is a cd with impressive sound power; it's endorphin-releasing 'music to your ears.' ”

sourde: bio gesundheitsmagazin 5/2011

maik 2011 | emotional | informative

stimulating perspectives | naturheilzentrum bottrop at münchner außerklinischer intensiv kongress (munich's non-clinical intensive care congress)

farid zitoun and christian rüger present their successful nabomed® concept for People who are permanently given artificial respiration at maik, munich's non-clinical intensive care congress. the two directors and senior therapists presented their successful treatment concept to an auditorium filled with intensive care specialists, scientists, nursing staff, therapists, health insurance representatives, patients and their relatives at this year's congress. the focus of the treatment is on the after-effects of sustained head and brain injuries, strokes, acquired brain damage as well as of cerebral and developmental disorders. the treatment can also be applied to effectively treat patients who are given artificial respiration on a permanent basis. 

visible health

winter magic | conviviality

the entire nabo team is here for you with love, zest and passion until friday, december 16th. oh, the joys of winter! and as a special highlight, we'll all be back in Person on monday, january 9th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

tip | southernwood tea | the remedy of monks

recipe: the tea's plant fibers stimulate the production of white blood cells, which strengthen our immune system. preparation: put 1 teaspoon into a tea strainer, add hot water and let sit for 4 minutes. three cups of this remedy a day is ideal.

what's special about the beginning of this year

the new year is on its way | 2012

wall calendars and appointment books are now being replaced for a good reason: a new beginning means approaching everything the year has to offer without burden, feeling fresh and inquisitive, being open for what's to come: exciting, healthy and wonderful things. “a magic dwells in each beginning and, protecting us, it tells us how to live.” (hermann hesse)

a precious gift idea | health voucher

the wonderful christmas present of a special kind: surprise a beloved Person.

natural | with health

click to access the voucher an pick out a very Personal gift

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