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initiatives by farid zitoun & christian rüger | nabo | everything is possible

news on initiatives by farid zitoun & christian rüger 

hello friends, dear families, dear patients, a breath of fresh air, new energy and great joy. nabo on the go.

invitation | let yourself relax

nabo means unconditional commitment and stands for Humaneness, eloquence, based on competence. with love, zest and passion and the absolute will to set new limits every single day.

warmest regards and always close to you,

farid zitoun & christian rüger and the crew

naturheilzentrum bottrop

the start of wonderful events. Personal mail from farid zitoun and christian rüger.

magical moments | enchanting prospects

Humaneness and fairy-tale experiences, gentleness and affectionate exchanges, touching encounters and moving events, small and great wonders, looking ahead with all our heart and full of passion.

completely welcome | charm, magic and you

selected dates for 2013/2014 | on request

the greatest of care and complete acceptance need time.

time for you. time for health

we would like to inform you that appointments for therapies and treatments for 2013 are now subject to feasibility and cannot be guaranteed. we will gladly put your request on the waiting list. for reservation requests, please contact our reception team directly.

reservation requests  |  reservations

Personal contact: anja bien  |  assistant manager of reception

direct calls from germany: 02041-7207-0

international calls: +49-2041-7207-0

therapies | limited vacancies

due to popular demand, we only have limited vacancies. we have a waiting list for complete examinations. we would be pleased to give you more information on request. nabo means we care.

tv report | tv camera crew at naturheilzentrum

the miracle of bottrop

naturheilzentrum bottrop sets new standards in the field of naturopathy. the work of nabo on television: the work of farid zitoun and christian rüger begins where conventional medicine leaves off. this attracts quite a bit of attention. it has also caught the attention of the media. the latest: the german channel, rtl with the report, “the miracle of bottrop”. the story of alina, who has a developmental disorder.

nabo behind the scenes

self-help organization for epilepsy, patients who suffer from brain damage and patients who suffered injuries caused by accidents and traffic accidents pays nabo a visit.

approximately two years of intensive planning, and then the big day was finally here: naturheilzentrum bottrop opened its outpatient clinic for spike wave e.v., a self-help organization from beckum in westphalia for patients with epilepsy, brain damage, patients injured during military service, and those that suffered injuries in work-related and traffic-related accidents. the special event left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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