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health tips and news from the naturopathic practice: spring fever has no chance at naturheilzentrum bottrop

fit and funny -   spring fever therefore has no chance

it is certainly a paradox. we had been eagerly looking forward to spring for months - and scarcely were the first harbingers there, when we were overcome by a sense of listlessness instead of euphoria, which could only be shaken off with difficulty. “spring fever”, as it is called in the vernacular, describes the difficulties that our bodies often have with the switch from winter to summer mode. "it’s the hardest work for an organism ", say the naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop. what a task the metabolism has to complete over these weeks.

slow down - simply switch down a gear

the complementary medicine experts advise you to consciously slow down. their tip: simply switch down a gear despite all the euphoria about the upcoming spring. the frequently cited “spring fever” then has no chance of emerging. a clear head, a vitamin-rich diet that supplies the body with everything it needs, and sufficient exercise. listlessness can be so easily converted into joie de vivre. not only does nature reawaken, but many of us feel the need to make a fresh start right now in spring. to head off to pastures new, to set new goals. little havens in everyday life will help you to redefine your own location and find answers to questions such as "where do i stand? where do I want to go?" "finding yourself once again, recognizing your own needs. these are all important steps to keep you healthy," says farid zitoun at the naturopathic practice in the ruhr area.

naturheilzentrum im ruhrgebiet aus der naturheilpraxis

naturopathic advice: arm baths boost your immune system

just as essential - an intact immune system, which can be boosted with little effort. for example, through regular arm baths. the arms are dipped into cool water of about 15 degrees. "until the skin begins to tingle," says christian rüger, expounding upon pastor kneipp’s remittent method. the tingle mostly sets in after about half a minute, "but it may take longer," explains the alternative-medicine practitioner. fitness and exercise constitute the third pillar for an active start to spring. and especially when you are resuming the activities again in the open air after the long winter months. those who exercise in the fresh open air will also have every opportunity to top up their body’s vitamin d budget in spring c/o that all-important sunlight.

sports medicine: walking - with or without sticks

nordic walking is a suitable beginners’ sport for those who want to build up their fitness and stamina levels slowly. the naturopath farid zitoun is himself a passionate amateur runner, but he knows from experience that "not everyone is a jogging fan like me". a sporty walk with sticks can achieve a lot; it helps to reduce tension in the shoulder-neck area, lowers stress hormone levels, and relieves the entire locomotor system. two to three 30-minute training sessions per week is recommended - alone or in a group. the alternative-medicine practitioners agree that "the workout integrates well into everyday life," - and it is also an effective medium against winter fat. "a nice side effect and a further step which you can consciously take in terms of your health" says christian rüger. if spring cannot come fast enough for some People, they can easily bring blossoming nature into their home or office. a bouquet of tulips or daffodils provides a bright dash of color and will simply put you in good mood. a sense of spring virtually delivered to your front door. true to the motto: the proof is in the pudding.

sportheilkunde und gesundheitstipps - nabomade

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