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legal drugs against hay fever

naturheilzentrum bottrop uses legal drugs against hay fever | healers farid zitoun and christian rüger recommend sponge luffa and co.

more and more allergies | is the environment to blame?

a new study by gesellschaft für konsum gfk (society for consumer research) shows: one in ten germans suffers from allergies. the age at which hay fever is detected drops continuously. allergies increase drastically. among other things, healer christian rüger blames the increased level of physical stress caused by pollutants, the continuous confrontation of our immune system with new and unfamiliar substances, climatic changes, in part excessive hygiene that prevents early childhood familiarization and, last but not least, not breastfeeding babies.

poisonous environment

other experts, too, have regarded allergies as the immune system crying for help. overloading the body with poisons and toxins from the environment has often resulted in its inability to react appropriately. as a result, the body goes into excess and expresses an allergic reaction. one example of this is hay fever. “we have clearly broken the old rules with our treatment and thus, we have set new standards”, explains farid zitoun of naturheilzentrum bottrop. the gfk study shows: common treatments don't lead anywhere, quite to the contrary, the number of People suffering from allergies even increases. at naturheilzentrum, new treatment approaches and therapy possibilities have emerged from long-lasting research. “we now counter allergies with legal drugs, such as sponges,” explains naturopathy expert, farid zitoun.

natural alternative | sponge luffa

a swiss study involving 146 study participants shows: the use of the so-called luffa is successful. therefore, zitoun and rüger have worked with sponge luffa nabomade® for treating hay fever for a while now and are prescribing it for their patients, as a 10-day cure. the spongy fungus is boiled and the tincture is drizzled into the nose. tv channel, rtl, was so interested in the topic for its viewers that a documentary was produced about it. and of course: nothing goes without critical study participants. farid zitoun: “during the filming, we treated a university student of medicine and one of psychology. both suffered from severe hay fever. one used sponge luffa, and for the other, we regarded our nasal reflex zone massage as being more appropriate.”

reflex zone massage with a secret tincture. for the nasal reflex zone massage, a patient needs a cotton swab and the nabomade® formula of oils and olive oil. the rtl report made it clear: both patients were able to breathe freely after a very short period of time. “and the effect persists,” says rüger. he and his colleague have long-standing experience in the area of naturopathy. by now, they have become pioneers in the field of naturopathy by far outreaching the german borders.

valuable ingredients

“in our practice, we only use selected ingredients for the preparation of solutions or tinctures.

for a good good reason. our favorite for oil formula is jordan oil, because there, the particularly high qualitiy standards we have are met.“a special formula for an olive oil lotion for the body has also been developed at naturheilzentrum the natural healing center bottrop, which is prepared by the pharmacist for each patient individually. “we use it to treat psoriasis, neurodermatitis and hay fever sufferers,” says rüger. if the body is slathered with it, you'll have a natural protective screen against penetrating pollen, for example. and hay fever symptoms are relieved already and the pollen penetration into the body is reduced significantly.

the alternative desensitization

yet another recommendation from the expert: farid zitoun advises People to get active before the pollen period. “local honey helps with allergies. bees process local pollen into their honey. so, if you eat honey from your region, you basically fight the allergy with its trigger.”

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

(*this overview/recommendation in no way replaces a consultation by an alternative practitioner or a physician.)

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