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nabo news: the green smoothie trend – this is how good for your health it can be

the latest studies prove that smoothies are replacing traditional breakfast more and more often

traditional breakfast in the form of buttered rolls & co. is out – trendy food is in! so-called ‘smoothies’ – colorful shakes made of fruit and vegetables – are especially popular at the moment. for those who have an aversion to fruit and vegetables, smoothies offer a seemingly ideal way out of the dilemma: if you do not like to eat vegetables, just drink them! however, the fact that industrially produced smoothies, in particular, have been under criticism for some time seems to be problematic - the german nutrition society (‘dge’ for short) has also taken a very critical stance on them ( too sweet, too much of a mixture, and above all, too many of them. the ready-made smoothies from the cold shelf of the supermarket or the juice bar are therefore often anything but the ‘health booster’ that they are often advertised and sold as.

one thing is clear: in stressful times, smoothies are often the first choice when it comes to saving time at breakfast or doing something especially good. their seemingly healthy characteristics are complemented by the possibility of simply drinking your breakfast through the straw.

smoothies can be proven to be healthy - but this requires more than just bright and vivid fruit, sugar, and coloring. a green smoothie can be helpful or support health, particularly in cases of rheumatism or inflammatory diseases of the rheumatic variety, provided that the composition is right.

smoothie knowledge transfer - nutrition, vitamins and added value

three words for the perfect smoothie: ‘healthy’, ‘green’ and ‘vegetables’!

those who want to replace a meal with a delicious smoothie from time to time, should always remember three words for the perfect smoothie:

1) vegetables: fruit forms part of a balanced diet and should therefore be a regular part of daily meal planning. however, biting into a crisp apple is better than pureed fruit. the main reason for this is that the process of puréeing already counts as nutritional processing, and it is fundamentally more ideal to ingest unprocessed food.

practical test: the team from naturheilzentrum bottrop

of course, this also applies to vegetables - but here the risk of ingesting too many vegetables has less negative consequences for the metabolism. in contrast, too much fruit in pureed form can affect the blood sugar level, because the normal process of chewing and slow digestion does not occur. vegetables are easier to digest and, in contrast to fruit, have little to no influence on the blood sugar level – therefore, pure vegetable smoothies (or at least vegetable-flavored smoothies) are always preferable.

2) green: bright and vibrant smoothies in light colors look great and put People in the mood for a creamy shake. however, red and yellow smoothies usually consist mainly of fruit. cucumber, lettuce, and spinach, on the other hand, are seldom found in the ready-made smoothies from the refrigerated section of the supermarket. the motto is to make it yourself: delicious and health-promoting shakes can be easily made with little effort in your own kitchen with fresh green ingredients.

nabomed: the three words for a health-promoting smoothie

3) healthy: those who drink smoothies don’t just want to be trendy - they also want to do something good for their bodies. attention should therefore be paid to the correct mixture ratio of fruits and vegetables during the preparation phase (a good rule of thumb here is a ratio of 20:80). smoothies are considered to be a wholefood meal and should be treated as such - excessive consumption does not do your health or your figure any good. finally, nuts and seeds will add extra value to the green smoothie: in addition to vitamins, the metabolism also needs high-quality fats to meet the needs arising from the body’s many functions.

last but not least – some creative ideas for domestic smoothie production

those who want to make healthy shakes at home for themselves or even the whole family, need very little equipment. a smoothie maker or a food processor with a blender is the ideal way to make fine and creamy shakes. quite extraordinary things can be discovered when selecting the ingredients: tasty smoothies are created, for example, when freshly ground spices come into play or when exotic ingredients such as fresh mint produce an additional flavor nuance. this can be rounded off with the addition of nut or soy milk.

nabomade creative ideas for your own smoothie production

the health bloggers, zitoun & rüger: this is how it's done - practical tips on youtube #nabomade

winning People over across the board - with healthy smoothies made with competence, extra nutrition, and more. lifestyle and health are more than a passion for the vloggers and naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop (‘nabo’ for short).

sharing is caring! including when it comes to the subject of smoothies. the tips and tricks in the latest video from the test kitchen are therefore worth watching and highly recommended. in addition to a great recipe for a tasty green shake, it also contains some interesting information on to look out for, especially when making smoothies. the whole recipe is also available in the nabo blog post entitled: "the nabo blog: the hype about colorful smoothies - what is actually behind it?" (


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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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