Snake venom therapy – Snake Medicine: Tips for a carefree summer

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop
Snake venom therapy – Snake Medicine: Tips for a carefree summer

Pollen allergy and skin problems: Snakemed - a topical issue - what matters now

Heinrich Heine thought that the German summer was just a winter painted green. Of course, the Eifel is not Tuscany, but the man was still exaggerating a little, wasn’t he? Goodbye winter – the rainy days are almost over and most of us are wishing for summer, sun and sunshine. For many, it’s both an absolute blessing and a joy to feel the sun’s rays on their skin, feel the warmth and take a deep breath in the blossoming nature. For others, however, the mere thought of it triggers a panic of hay fever with asthma-like symptoms, itchy skin, a runny nose and red eyes. This refers to allergy sufferers or those affected by chronic skin diseases such as neurodermatitis but also psoriasis.


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Treatment with snake venom at the Center for Naturopathy: Focus topic “Recharge your batteries for a carefree summer”

Health – it has never been as important for everyone as it is today. Staying or becoming healthy is currently a particular focus for many. The latest nabo newsletter from the Center for Naturopathy presents useful and sustainable practical tips in a short and compact format. In addition, the latest news for old hands and young vegetables. The nabo magazine newsletter is available right here! And the best thing is: The service with YouTube videos from the Lifestyle to go section can be easily subscribed to free of charge.

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Christian Rüger, naturopath and director of Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, believes it is very important to replenish your own energy reserves, especially after the long coronavirus period and in light of current events. This is currently reflected in our daily work in the practice. Things that are important to us and give us strength should come back into focus. “The last few months have been extremely stressful for everyone,” he sums up. “But the good thing is that the nice weather has made some People want to give life more quality and lightness again. Setting goals and making plans – now is the time to do it.”

Lake shore in the mountains
“Those who find the way to nature – also find the way to themselves.” (Klaus Ender)

Now it’s time for joy again – let’s go!!!

Places of power are different for everyone, but they can be found. One Person relaxes at a rocking open-air concert, while another prefers to collect shells on the beach. “I Personally know about the positive effect of nature,” says Christian Rüger, “Everyone should know that it offers unlimited relaxation and strength, but also enormous joie de vivre. When I see the liveliness outside or plants at work in the garden, my batteries almost recharge themselves”.

His colleague Farid Zitoun is right there with him: “Encounters with animals or wonderful sunsets make my heart soar. They always put a big smile on my face”. Beautiful experiences and loved ones are the power ingredients that strengthen our resilience in the long term. And this has even been scientifically proven.

Laughing man with donkey
Humans and animals have always had an intense relationship

Snakemed – or staying calm even with allergies and skin problems

Resilience is the ability to react calmly to negative experiences. This ability is not innate, but can be trained. The Mainz Institute for Resilience Research supported and advised the Galileo editorial team during their program on the topic of resilience. Here you can find out not only how resilience can be practiced, but also what role the microbiome plays in this.

More and more People are affected by allergies or complain of chronic skin conditions such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis as a result of overstimulation combined with malfunctions of the immune system. Climate change does not appear to be an amplifier here, but is a major contributor.

Practical experience of almost three decades shows that the use of snake venom in high dilutions, for example in defined acupuncture points, injected intramuscularly or intracutaneously, can bring about significant improvements in symptoms. The assumption is that this can have a long-term alleviating effect not only on allergies, but also on rheumatism, psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases as a stimulation treatment. This allows many patients to start the pollen season more relaxed.

Snakemed: Treatment with snake venom - for asthma, hay fever or allergies?

Tips & info #nabomade!

You can now find out more about snake venom therapy and valuable nutritional tips for a healthy microbiome to create a more stable immune system here in the newsletter section of nabo magazine from North Rhine-Westphalia!

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop regularly publishes further background information and lots of great everyday tips on health & lifestyle 2go #nabomade in the News and blog section as well as on its YouTube, Vimeo and social media channels!

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The good is so close - Naturheilzentrum Bottrop persönlich
Right now: go on a journey with us – strength for body, mind and soul

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