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barefoot during the summer | refreshingly healthy

dear patients, families and friends of nabo,

it's time to get outside and into the sun. morning dew brings energy and vitality, happiness and zest for life. summer is a time of awakening and abundance. breath in the flow of the season.

no sports | still healthy

hot news | unique sounds

feel physically fit thanks to the nalabo selective health effect. relax instead of doing sports with the new nabomade® cd, “quality time – vol. 1”

unique sounds, harmony and pure joie de vivre. something that works, moves and brings joy. modern chill-out sounds: sounds, rhythms and frequencies that can harmonize your organs with your metabolism. feel the power of sound. lie back, listen and recharge your batteries.

a lot is happening at nabo. farid zioun reveals: “this unique music project conveys pure joie de vivre. volume 2 is in the planning stage.”

tv hotspot | emotional | informative

good news

farid zitoun and christian rüger are setting new standards by sustainably remodelling the the natural healing center into one of the most exceptional naturopathic practices in germany, a health-enhancing atmosphere for People and a magnet for the media in bottrop. the latest: a tv report on nabo's secret recipe against hay fever (on the german tv channel, rtl).

visible health 

competence in the twinkling of an eye

eye acupuncture | expert knowledge nabomade®

farid zitoun and christian rüger established this exceptional therapy. they are pioneers in this field and have trained physicians and alternative practitioners all over europe. eye acupuncture training center september 2011 in bottrop.

comprehensible, clear health

new perspectives | more quality of life

passing on know-how

incurable? a word which really sets farid zitoun and christian rüger off: to find new perspectives through stimulation - the treatment success of the two naturopaths from bottrop has been making headlines. their expertise is in demand, for instance, at maik 2011, munich's non-clinical intensive care congress. the nation's largest congress for intensive care specialists, physicians, scientists, therapists, educationalists, patients and nursing relatives: one step ahead.

the joy of summer | recharging the batteries

we're here, with love, zest and passion, until friday, july 22nd. then farid zitoun, christian rüger and the nabo team are off to recharge their batteries just like the patients, to experience pure summer joy. we'll be back to bring health in Person on monday, august 22nd at 9:00 a.m. sharp.


health special | 5-elements power


cook healthy with ginger, curcuma, onions, leeks, celery to strengthen your immune system when you're feeling exhausted, listless or are recovering from an illness.

prepare as a soup as well as steamed or fried once a day.

naturheilzentrum bottrop | the hotspot for healthy living

soak in the sun, recharge your batteries, find peace and quiet, discover vitality, relax to achieve greater health, stay up-to-date on health news during the summer as well, on facebook and twitter | nabomade® and much more that we can't put into words.

warmest regards and always close to you.

farid zitoun & christian rüger
and the nabo crew

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