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Personal time


thanks to the many trips to special places, we've gained knowledge and experiences that are vital instruments for diagnoses and treatments, which once again benefits People, who are at the center of everything we do.


we are thankful for the many successful treatments, which crown our dedication, our passion as well as our uncompromising commitment. they are what makes us strive to be better every single day and they are what makes us want to be better. we are grateful to our friends, our patients, their loved ones and for their trust in us. we are equally grateful for all the small and large presents as well as the wonderful notes of thanks. this amicability is a huge motivator for our work.


our vision has become a reality. ideas turned into forms. we can hardly wait for the facelift that everyone is elated about: experience powerful colors, feel the clear lines and enjoy lots of room to recharge. this is what natural healing is also about. this makes recovery fun.


health-enhancing design and architecture

the natural healing center in bottrop has improved even more. the materials which can be experienced with all senses were altered. now, even more colors, natural woods, glass, light and water caress our senses.

that's what health-enhancing design means to us.

energetic moments

the latest film about our extraordinary work and our outstanding renown.

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