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natural healing center bottrop, farid zitoun and christian rüger - easter

(pre-)easter greetings & the awakening of spring, with a handful of luck

easter at naturheilzentrum bottrop: welcoming spring and giving away a handful of good luck and happiness

the easter period is knocking on our doors. colorfully wrapped bunnies, eggs and the one or the other candy as a small gift inside the tenderly prepared easter basket leave no doubt about it. at naturheilzentrum bottrop, nabo for short, a feeling of easter has arrived.

at nabo, not only the team around farid zitoun and christian rüger is anticipating the festive season, but also the founders of the health center in the heart of the ruhr metropolis themselves. “easter is a time of tender gestures within friendships, relationships and families,” says farid zitoun. “in addition to that, it is also a symbol for the awakening of nature.”

to him, protecting and maintaining traditional customs is something very precious. for the healer, this means: reflecting on nature during the easter days, in particular. “get outside and spend time with nature. put your hiking boots on and marvel at all the things that are going on in our forests and fields. experience and enjoy flora and fauna with all your senses.” the passionate runner knows that going for a walk – whether alone or in company – is a particularly intensive experience. “seeing, smelling and feeling. everything around us springs to new life. on foot, you can discover spring in all its beauty. a wonderful and good feeling.”

farid zitoun & christian rüger

recharging one’s batteries, doing something for one's own health and one’s very Personal well-being; farid zitoun can do this best when exercising in the fresh air outside. “it's not only about my Personal fitness,” says the naturopath. june also heralds the start of a new round of the charity run, “bottrop, get moving”. and farid zitoun once again wants to make his very Personal contribution towards a new donation record on the track this year. bottrop´s hospice work is the beneficiary. “this is a matter of the heart to us.” therefore, the healer completes small practice sessions over the easter days.

his good friend, colleague and practice partner, christian rüger, is already looking forward to the easter celebrations as well. the passionate naturopath is excited about this special time. “this is the best time to welcome spring,” he knows. “the family gets together. that simply feels good, touches and promotes staying healthy.”

just as a balanced dies does. a topic, which is oftentimes neglected during the festive days. a big breakfast, a hearty lunch, coffee and cake shortly after, then dinner – that is “quite a lot to digest”.

“but the end of the fasting season also offers such great alternatives,” christian rüger knows. “on good friday, my mother, or rather, my family, traditionally have fish. such a meal is not only delicious, it's also a great alternative with lots of advantages over a meat dish,” says the practitioner of complementary medicine. omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin d, selenium and iodine speak for the regular consumption of fish. “the german nutrition society recommends two fish dishes a week,” says christian rüger, “such a recommendation is a good guidance towards a balanced and, above all, a healthy diet.

easter is not just a celebration, but something rather special. its predecessors already represented the victory of spring over winter and the awakening of nature after the long and cold winter months as early as in the pre-christian era. “that is why having a big easter bonfire still is one of the most prominent easter customs in our region,” says christian rüger. just as the colored easter eggs, that must not be missing on an easter breakfast table. “until today, they have been a symbol of fertility, and they also represent a new beginning. also, giving away colorfully colorized easter eggs is said to bring good luck and happiness,” the healer knows.

reaching out one´s hands with love and giving away a small piece of happiness and good luck in the form of an easter egg. “a wonderful gesture that fills our hearts with joy and which connects, enriches and touches, through this custom,” farid zitoun and christian rüger agree. both of them wish all their friends, families and employees a handful of good luck and happiness.

natural healing center bottrop - springtime tips

springtime lethargy: what to do? the best tips to fight exhaustion, from farid zitoun and christian rüger of naturheilzentrum bottrop.

the days are becoming longer, the sun is finally shining and we're spending more time outdoors again. however, starting into spring can be quite a huge effort for our bodies. because the metabolism and the hormonal balance first have to adjust to the higher temperatures and the new light conditions. the consequences: fatigue and circulatory problems. the competent alternative practitioners, farid zitoun and christian rüger, who run the institution, naturheilzentrum bottrop, provide a few tips on how to prevent springtime lethargy.

orange juice:

after a carbohydrate-rich and fatty diet in winter, a vitamin c deficiency is a frequent result. you feel weary and exhausted. a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice makes a big difference here. it´s delicious and a real vitamin bomb! just have a glass whenever needed.


do you know the feeling when you just don't seem to be able to get cracking? that is the case because your metabolism is on pilot flame. a dandelion tea can help: thanks to its bitters, is stimulates bile flow so that pollutants and pathogens are channelled away from the body. a real health boost that also cleanses the skin. recipe: boil up 2 teaspoons of dried leaves (health food store) in 250ml of water and strain after 10 minutes. enjoy several cups throughout the day.

tissue salts (schüßler salts):

according to the doctrine of dr. wilhelm heinrich schüßler, a disturbed mineral balance of the cells is to blame for a multitude of health problems. these salts compensate the deficits: no. 2 (calcium phosphoricum) provides new energy. additionally, it promotes blood formation and the formation of new cells. no. 5 (potassium phosphoricum) has a mood-elevating effect and it supports the cleansing processes of the body. no. 9 (sodium phosphoricum) is considered to be an acid neutralizer. especially after the time of indulgence during the winter, many People suffer from heartburn. suck three tablets simultaneously, every day, over a period of six weeks.

go for a walk:

oxygen invigorates! simply go for a walk around the block during your lunch break or after work. a real freshness kick!

visiting naturheilzentrum bottrop. impressions, experiences, faces. 

what makes naturheilzentrum bottrop such a special place? openness and a noticeably healing atmosphere. real cordiality, encounters with exciting People and their stories. we saw everything first hand with our camera. in a very special place. nabo. in the center of the ruhr district. here, the passionate practitioners of natural medicine, farid zitoun and christian rüger, have created an extraordinary health hotspot. together with their team of interdisciplinary specialists, they represent competent and bundled knowledge of complementary medicine and modern therapy approaches.

“it is marvelous to learn that, here, People take time for one another,” says susanne klüber. “you experience extraordinary appreciation. that feels good. arrive and feel welcome. this way, you can gain new strength,” says susan noskos in her statement on the team, the therapists and assistants.

at one of germany's biggest natural healing practices, the credo of the institution´s founders is truly lived up to. everything is possible. “naturheilzentrum bottrop is a place for People who are regarded as 'incurable' by conventional medicine,” christian rüger explains. going new ways, being open to visions and sparking ideas, which are sensibly harmonized. that is the basis of the work at nabo. knowledge of alternative medicine on the highest level, supplemented by passion and the irrepressible desire to help. holistic services, individual therapy concepts in connection with state-of-the-art technology. based on expert knowledge, supported by several decades of experience. added value for the patients. “conventional medicine is important. where it is necessary,” farid zitoun explains. “we trust alternative medicine, where it's possible.”

the design of the natural healing center catches the eye. directly upon entering the premises, the special atmosphere becomes noticeable. treatments with natural resources. “our standards go far beyond the esthetic impression,” says christian rüger. design coupled with functionality. soothing naturalness. a multi-media experience through camiview.

easter | natural healing center bottrop

we whole-heartedly wish our friends, families and the nabo employees a persisting handful of good luck and happiness, and a good spring season.

thank you very much for reading.

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