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time for contemplation | the beginning of a new decade

dear patients, families and friends of nabo,

when the days get short, it's time to snuggle up, cuddle and feel good, to come to rest, decelerate your daily routine, focus on the important things, to reminisce, to look back but also to look ahead. it's the time to regain your strength, to start the next year with energy, to remember the good and to keep it in mind, to find serenity.

journey to new targets | a lot is happening at nabo

make many moving, healthy experiences. hear stories, experience moments, changes, happiness, empathy, treats for the soul.

inside. a truly healthy atmosphere for People.

we've expanded using natural materials. the results are unique and beautiful, offering a facelift for even more comfort: breathable walls, wood, metal and water. the design, which is minimalist in color and uses original, natural materials, was precisely thought out and blends together seamlessly for a reason: the nabomed® concept's range of applications.

outside. with love, zest and passion for People.

we've relaunched our website. it's different and informative, bringing you closer to nabo even from afar. we're active on facebook, twitter and co. farid zitoun and christian rüger give Personal insights and advice: nabomade® expert news up close and Personal, always one step ahead, all the time. you can conveniently subscribe to our news via rss feed. tv has even paid us some visits: documentaries and reports on snake venom therapy, eye acupuncture, music as an effective treatment, the exemplary nalabo selective health effect vol.1, music as a treatment method.

a hot tip | boost your immune system during the winter | nabocare effect


prescription start powerfully | nabovital müsli  3 el wholemeal oat flakes | contain pick-you-up tyrosine. give energy  1tl amaranth | boosts the immune system  some sea buckthorn juice over it | contains high amount of vitamin c  add a teaspoon of bran | supports the detoxing functions of the body  sweeten with honey intake: enjoy daily

a powerful start to the day | nabovital muesli • 3 tbsp. whole-wheat oat flakes | contain tyrosin, a real pick-me-up, gives energy • 1 tsp. amaranth | boosts the immune system • arizzle some sea buckthorn juice on top | contains a high dose of vitamin c • add some bran | supports the body's own detoxication function • sweeten with honey.

enjoy once a day.

a look ahead at what's to come | the chinese year of the rabbit

centuries-old wisdoms. 2011. the year of the rabbit stands for gentleness, harmony and pleasure. a relaxed atmosphere encourages friendship, relationships and diplomacy, a feeling for matters of the heart, happiness and love, leisureliness and deceleration.

energetic moments

the latest film all about the center's exceptional work and its notable reputation.

our wishes

decelerate your daily routine. reflect on the important things: regaining and sharing trust and strength. being courageous, experiencing new things, being healthy. that is what success is all about. it's the feeling of being home, content. those are moving moments. along with so many more that we cannot find words for.

warmest regards and always close to you,

farid zitoun & christian rüger

and the nabo crew

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