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naturheilzentrum bottrop blog: this is how to balance job and family - maria mineva is for small breaks

music is good and the best relaxation for me

hello, my name is maria mineva. in the bottrop health care facility for alternative medicine, i am an assistant and support the curative practitioners there. but I am also a contact Person for the small and large patients before, during and after their treatment in the natural health practice. some have already met me Personally. i look forward to all the others.  

the current blog theme "relaxation" is important for many and has a very special meaning for me as well. because as a mother of five children, besides my full-time job, i am also up to my ears with a lot of things at home. a few small breaks are important, a few minutes just for me so I can recharge my batteries. after all, i have to stand by my man, as one so nicely says, but i also like to, in working life and of course for the family. but this is certainly the same for most People.

my roots are in south-east europe and during my early days in germany, it was a challenge to get all this under one umbrella. the reasons for this were varied: a new country, new People and a new language, which i had to learn. in my home country the child care system is different than here. it is quite normal for children to be looked after in the kindergarten and at school. that made it much easier for our family in the first years and ultimately for me as a student at the time.

nabo blog theme: breaks

the modern man is a great help

you have to work as a family, notice when the other is just not up to it. take him under your wing, be there. especially in the first years, when the children are still very small, it is a means of survival. with a modern partner, who supports you and stands by your side, i find that things run much more smoothly. by the way: my husband is always a great help and i think that’s great. 

meanwhile my children are out of the worst of it. it is nice to see how they can find their own way. the older the children become, the more independent they are. my biggest son is about to graduate college.

teamwork as a pillar of the family

both my two teenagers are becoming active members of the family. and the younger children look up to the big ones when it comes to mutual support. family consists of real teamwork. teamwork, which works well for us. 

a seven-head patchwork family is a real enrichment. but it also creates work, without a doubt. how do i do it? quite simple: i have great pleasure in my family and my professional life, which fulfills me beyond my family work. it is a nice feeling which i would not want to do without. a double load? quite the contrary.

health news: focus - 62 percent of germans want less stress

a walk through in the countryside and then a cup of tea

with all the daily tasks that await, with all the requirements that confront us, we must not forget one thing: ourselves. here, of course, relaxation plays a big role. i relax while walking. because fresh air is good, healthy and the cup of tea that follows releases enormous energy. this might make a lot of things possible for me, which is unthinkable for other women in the balancing act between work and family. for example, music can create the balance. 

some find their peace and relaxation in yoga, fantasy or through progressive muscle relaxation. for me, a nice walk through the forest works. strolling through the nature clears my head and does wonders for my soul.  

then I treat myself to a cup of tea. in peace and quiet i allow the valerian, melissa, hops and lavender to act. what a relief. believe me, just try it out. maybe my little breaks will also give you inspiration to refuel. what are your tips for perfect relaxation?

about the author

maria mineva shrieh

maria mineva shrieh

... wins patients (as well as their relations) over at bottrop’s naturopathic practice with her calm, focused and sensitive manner. listening to PEOPLE and greeting them warmly – this is what defines the practice assistant and makes her a valuable employee in the nabo team and for the patients.

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