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the great interest in health topics from the natural healing center bottrop, especially in topics such as 'healthy in the workplace' – applicable in one´s everyday life, shows the demand for soft and naturopathic expert advice in today´s fast-paced time. the two alternative practitioners, farid zitoun and christian rüger, take this fact very seriously and are committed – before treatment and rehabiltation - to another top priority: prevention before rehabilitation. the reception team at nabo (natural healing center bottrop) has a few suggestions on how to feel well during one´s normal day-to-day work.

proper vision at the computer

screen work is tiring for the eyes. the following tips can help relax and, more importantly, keep your eyes healthy:

  • a look out of the window relaxes the eyes.
  • cover your eyes with your hands for 2-3 minutes – the darkness and warmth are soothing for the eyes.
  • yawning relaxes the facial muscles and moisturizes the eyes.
  • massaging the temples and the base of the nose also relaxes the eyes.
  • a high quality and flicker-free screen works wonders.
  • if you regularly work a lot at the computer, regular checks by your eye specialist are not only compulsory, but also highly recommended.
der bottroper heilpraktiker farid zitoun (naturheilzentrum) erklärt gesundheit kindgerecht

movement and exercise establish the balance

every movement activates nerve cells and strengthens the body's defenses. that is commonsense. and so is the fact that stressed joints and organs benefit from the increase in blood circulation. farid zitoun (director at naturheilzentrum bottrop) recommends the following to his staff:

  • have healthy breaks and get some fresh air or rest on a park bench for a while.
  • use the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • whenever possible, go to work by bike or inline skates rather than by car.
  • regularly change your sitting position and take relaxation breaks.

his colleague, the bottroper, christian rüger, adds: “against excessive weight: it´s better to nibble fruits and vegetables instead of chowing chocolate bars and potato chips.”

well-being in the workplace

“factors such as room temperature and humidity are highly relevant to prevent discomfort and headaches,” explain the two healers of the natural healing center. therefore it is recommended to:

  • regularly aerate rooms for 5 to 15 minutes
  • with predominantly sedentary work, maintain a room temperature of approximately 19 degrees celsius
  • with predominantly non-sedentary work, maintain a room temperature of about 17 degrees celsius
  • with heavy physical labor, a room temperature of about 12 degrees celsius is recommended
  • in offices, 20 degrees celsius is recommended
  • non-air-conditioned offices should not exceed a room temperature of 26 degrees celsius in the summer, as otherwise the concentration level decreases significantly.

and at home? small measures with a big impact

many patients complain about frequently having bad neck and shoulder tensions when they get home in the evening. in these cases, a small measure might already prove massively useful. christian rüger of naturheilzentrum bottrop reveals, that, in his speeches, he advises employers and employees alike to heat up a spelt cushion in a microwave (with a cup of water) so that it has a pleasant temperature. lie on the floor with it or sit on the sofa with it. that way, you can truly relax and switch off when you're watching tv. the heat alleviates muscle tensions and, at best, you don't only feel recuperated, but truly fit.

naturheilzentrum bottrop, kleine maßnahmen mit großer wirkung?

rose quartz – healing stone, little helper and an accessory?

rose quartz does not only look elegant and makes for a nice accessory at home or in the workplace, it's also said to absorb magnetic fields, according to the stone healing knowledge. some healers are convinced it strengthens the heart and could screen water veins. these stone experts recommend placing a rose quartz next to devices with high electro-magnetic radiation, such as the computer, tv or radio alarm clock. near the bed, rose quartz could promote healthy and undisturbed sleep, it is reported. to support this even more, one should place a bowl of water next to each stone. here, it is important to replace the water twice a week. if you want to recharge your batteries, it's also possible to wear a rose quartz around your neck on a necklace or to put it under your pillow at night. wear the necklace as often as possible. it is reported that healing stones are to be rinsed in lukewarm water once a week to allow the stone to be cleansed and discharged. in contrast, in order to recharge the stones, expose them to sunlight (not to the hot midday sun, though) or moonlight (which is softer). farid zitoun and christian rüger do not only find the philosophy and the idea behind healing stones and their effects exciting in a figurative sense, but also beautiful. in any case, they totally agree on one point: they are nice to look at, and that already feels good.

pictures: © farid zitoun & christian rüger  

pictures 1-3: photoart | gelsenkirchen buer | germany

(*this overview/recommendation in no way replaces a consultation by an alternative practitioner or a physician.)

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