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naturheilzentrum: summerbreak - fit in den sommer

naturheilzentrum bottrop news: a welcome break – summer health with farid zitoun and christian rüger

dear friends, dear patients, dear nabos,

“it’s the pauses that give our lives rhythm and transform them into melodies!”

to just sit back for a couple days and do nothing for a change, to leave all of your cares behind for a while.  to feel the lightness of being. that’s what summer is all about. nabo is also going to be taking a little break for the summer. we’re here for all of your needs until july 11th - then it’s time for us to relax a bit, too, to sleep in and go to bed looking forward to being woken up by the sun’s rays tickling our faces. but don’t worry: from monday august 15th on, farid zitoun, christian rüger and the whole nabo team will be back in our practice again. to tide you over in the meantime, we here at naturheilzentrum bottrop have put together a little summer reading package with all sorts of useful knowledge and news.

summer, welcome mail & sunny greetings...

what could be nicer than still getting real old-fashioned snail mail, than looking in the mailbox and realizing that you’ve been on someone’s mind? we really do still write actual letters and even still send pretty postcards with vacation greetings. has our favorite mail arrived yet? Enjoy the summer to the maximum. Let the sunshine in!


naturheilzentrum bottrop lieblingspost und eine gute erfahrung

tips from your naturopathic practice - compact and easy to swallow – for a healthy and restful vacation with nabomade®


gesundheitswissen aus der bottroper naturheilpraxis von christian rüger

sun protection: enjoy those rays, but stay safe!

sun on the skin, a wonderful feeling.  one however, which also holds a fair amount of risk. that’s why optimal protection from the sun is more important than ever. no matter when and no matter where. in the mountains and at the shore, out on the balcony or when you’re enjoying outdoor sports. follow christian rüger’s timely tips from bottrop’s naturopathic practice to be able to enjoy your summer without regret or reservations:

  1. those who really protect themselves do not run the risk of getting burnt by the sun – that’s why everyone should remember to do it. sunscreen lotions with the adequate sun protection factor (or spf) and special clothing or textiles are an effective protection against uv rays. but even they still need to be used with care and are no license for endless sunbathing.
  1. your eyes need protection from the sun’s rays, too. unprotected eyes even leave you potentially exposed to permanent damage to your cornea or retina. that’s why we recommend: never forget to pack your sunglasses, but above all, remember to wear them!
  1. siestas make sense. the inhabitants of southern climes are not the only ones who know this well and make an effort to lie down inside around noontime instead of staying out in the sun. uv radiation is at its most intense between 11 am and 3 pm, so exercise maximum caution here. you’re better off scheduling your walks, your trips to the beach or your outdoor sports activities in the morning or afternoon hours.


der heilpraktiker farid zitoun mit der checkliste für perfekte ferien

the checklist: your ticket to a perfect summer break

vacation equals time out, relaxation and regeneration. however, the bottrop naturopath farid zitoun knows that you can’t take this equation for granted and that it’s always helpful to keep the following things in mind:

  • some basic questions need to be answered early on when you’re planning your vacation: do I want peace and quiet or culture? do I want to meet new People or do I perhaps feel the need to withdraw a little?
  • planning a couple days of cushion between the beginning of your vacation and setting off on a trip can help you get off to a stress-free start in the sunniest time of the year.
  • a detailed and well-structured checklist can make packing your bags much easier.
  • leaving your cell in offline mode can really promote relaxation and create some healthy distance to the everyday routine. that not only clears your head and focuses your attention elsewhere, it also creates space for rest and regeneration.
  • those who use their free time to move their own needs back into the focus and to consciously listen to the body’s signals once again are definitely doing it right. doing so makes it possible to take a big portion of those.
  • “vacation vibes” back home with you and hang on to them in your everyday surroundings. that’s a totally new source of input for your very own sustainable work-life balance. rest, relaxation and calm are the key words here. maximize your health!

the best thing about these tips is that anyone who follows them is automatically guaranteed to do something really good for him or herself.

your Personal recipe for a happy and healthy summer, from naturheilzentrum bottrop:

  • 1 tablespoon of vacation vibes
  • 1 a pinch of beach reading
  • a heaping portion of nature


naturheilzentrum bottrop: gesundheit nabomed

we wish all of you a wonderful summer from the bottom of our hearts!

& the whole naboteam

© farid zitoun & christian rüger


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