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dear patients and friends,

we wish you an enchanting easter and time for family and friends. time to unwind, but above all, time for that most important asset. time for health.

‘health and lifestyle to go’ from bottrop’s naturopathic practice. for more than two decades, the naturopaths and youtube bloggers farid zitoun and christian rüger have represented the alternative medicine of tomorrow with their modern approach. their openness toward naturopathy that developed in the 21st century polarizes some. yet, at the same time, it shows that tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive, but rather, complement each other. added value that doesn’t just result in benefits such as feeling good. social media 2.0 or naturheilzentrum bottrop’s health blog also offer short and succinct tips that are easy to implement. tips centered around the topics of ‘staying healthy’ or ‘becoming healthy’ that extend beyond the actual work of the naturopathic practice.

health and nature - because it does you good

because it does you good: consciously take note of your surroundings in spring and thereby slow down

just try it: close your eyes and breathe deeply. did you sense it? that very special fragrance? yes, there is something in the air. spring. nature has woken up around us with great power and might. there will be colors. in parks and gardens. new life wherever you look. you can also hear it. spring. right now, the birds outside are singing a very special song, even for them. what can we learn from them? to start anew. to look ahead. enjoy the diversity and seize chances for the future. open a new door and go through it. spring is waiting. enjoy it with all your senses.

nabomade® to go - naturheilzentrum

discover, subscribe and let yourself be entertained - dynamically, humorously, and with added value

the nabo team is now also on video

expert tips, current health trends and lifestyle from the naturopathic practice. the nabo vlog offers all this to its viewers. something new on its youtube channel every two weeks. exciting topics, interesting People and stories. a forum in which they can contribute questions or exchange experiences. “sharing is caring is the motto for social media People,” says the journalist and social media manager, beatrix gutmann, in her post about the bottrop-based health bloggers. “the term comes from ‘shareconomy’ and invites you to share things. this also includes sharing knowledge. this suits the two naturopaths particularly well. farid zitoun and christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop present themselves on social-media channels and take suggestions seriously. they not only answer questions related to the topic of healthier living in their lifestyle blog, but also in short videos. conclusion: “follow the #health2go hashtag, be inspired by the films and pass the information on to friends and acquaintances.” with berlin’s ludwig linnekogel a graduate of the american film institute, documentary maker, filmmaker and award winner plus well-known social media expert nicole hundredmark from cologne, the bottrop-based nabo team has brought two other competent People and supporters on board.

farid zitoun and christian rüger: foodblogger on youtube

healthcare knowledge from the field of complementary medicine and the media presence constitute one side, while the technical aspects and realization then form the other. filmmaking is a new terrain for farid zitoun and christian rüger, but subscribers will find that the results speak for themselves. health from another perspective - dynamic, humorous and entertaining. it’s about practical tips, easily implementable with authentic messages and clear statements. right up farid zitoun and christian rüger’s street. from now on, you can follow how the entire nabo team navigates the ‘path into the film business’ online. from the skin health, exercise, diet to fitness - every 14 days with new content and interesting topics for the smartphone, tablet or quite simply ‘2go’.

nabo newsletter spring

tradition connects - easter: time for family and friends

chocolate bunnies wrapped in colorful paper, lovingly decorated easter nests, sweet eggs and other snacks have been tempting shoppers on the supermarket shelves for weeks. they are a sure sign that the easter festival is not far off. at bottrop’s naturopathic practice, we are also looking forward to the upcoming festive period. not because of the sweet surprises. easter is a very special thing for farid zitoun, christian rüger and the entire team at the prevention and rehabilitation center. it represents loving gestures and time you spend with each other. in a circle of friends, in relationships, within the family. the precursors of our current easter festival date back to pre-christian times. “the victory over winter was celebrated with fire. we remember this today with our easter bonfire”, says farid zitoun. no one today believes that you can drive out the evil forces of the winter with blazing flames. but the widely visible fire is a meeting point, inviting communication and encounters. we wish you plenty of those. enriching and inspiring.

did you know already? sun and linseed oil can have a positive effect on raised blood lipids and are a natural way of lowering blood pressure

the figures from the federal office for statistics say it loud and clear. cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in our country. sufficient exercise, a healthy, balanced diet, abstinence from nicotine and excessive alcohol consumption are important building blocks towards a healthier life. and they protect the heart and the vessels. the same also applies to normal blood pressure. but if it is always too high, the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack increases significantly. natural ways of lowering blood pressure can help to support or delay medical therapy. the sun plays an important role here. its rays promote the formation of a semiochemical (nitrogen monoxide) in the skin, which causes the blood vessels to relax. blood pressure then drops.

naturheilzentrum bottrop news - health of your heart

a way to lower blood pressure: two tablespoons of linseed oil daily can have a positive effect on the health of your heart

in terms of prevention, the naturopath christian rüger is focusing on another natural way to lower blood pressure: linseed oil., alpha-linolenic acid is a component of linseed oil, similar to the omega-3 fatty acids from sea fish, and a health-promoting fatty acid with a high protection factor for the heart. a study at the university of jena showed the effectiveness of the vegetable oil. after eight weeks, about twice as many omega-3 fatty acids could be detected in the blood of the volunteers in comparison to the beginning of the study. both the blood pressure values ​​as well as the blood lipids could be demonstrably reduced. “this is really good news, for vegans and vegetarians,” says farid zitoun.

nabomade wellness recipe

our tip – a nabomade wellness recipe:

the staff at naturheilzentrum bottrop swear by the power of linseed oil. because they know about the health-promoting properties of this vegetable oil. our receptionist, diana djukanovic, reveals her particularly tasty favorite recipe here. once a week, she puts together a fresh, crisp fruit salad as follows:

the ingredients:

  • an apple
  • a pear
  • an orange
  • a banana
  • a  grapefruit
  • the flesh of a mango
  • 40 grams of shelled walnuts
  • two tablespoons of linseed oi


peel the fruit and cut it into small pieces. mix everything thoroughly in a bowl. roughly chop the walnut kernels and sprinkle them over the fruits. then stir the oil into the salad mixture (approx. 5 mins. recommendation: eat once the week as a light snack between meals).

farid zitoun and christian rüger - easter 2017

happy easter

let yourself feel motivated and invite your senses to function once again. mother nature sets us such a wonderful example. she throws off winter’s icy grip, and awakens to new life. with a great deal of power - strong and impressive. we'll soon do the same. bundle together our forces, look ahead to the future, and rediscover ourselves.

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we will be there until friday, july 7 and from monday, august 14, 2017 9:00 am sharp.

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