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naturheilzentrum bottrop, farid zitoun und christian rüger wünschen bunte ostergrüße

behind the scenes at nabo. Personal reports, current topics, health knowledge and good news.

behind the scenes at nabo. Personal reports, current topics, health knowledge and good news.

“summer turns man into dreamer”

paul keller (1873-1932)

dear nabos, dear friends and families,

summer is knocking on our doors. time to relax and get some rest. time for mild evenings enjoying nature outside, for friends and family. summer – that's that very special smell, that very special range of colors. summer means warmth and light. sun on one’s skin. vacation, free time, simply feeling good. flowers, blue skies, green meadows. swimming in a cold mountain lake or a pleasant bath in the mediterranean sea at the right temperature. summer has many facets, enjoy each end every one of them.

asking naturheilzentrum bottrop – a film portrait about nabo

experiences, reports and very Personal impressions

the report features People at the bottrop healthcare institution and gives them a voice. it illustrates the extraordinary atmosphere at nabo and accompanies patients, family members and their relatives with the camera at naturheilzentrum bottrop for a while. here, People and their stories are put into the focus.

to the film

nabo actively involved in: “health & climate protection” - success story “city cycling”

the ruhr district jointly campaigns for environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gases. farid zitoun and christian rüger are among the main supporters of this project and, therefore, also get on their bikes themselves.

when it comes to health and its preservation, climate protection and sustainability, then farid zitoun and christian rüger are easily persuaded. the two bottrop healers get involved right from the start. they also inspire their team and mount their bikes, among other things. “city cycling” is the title of the nation-wide event that took place from may 11 to may 31 this year.

as last year, farid zitoun and christian rüger, the two founders of naturheilzentrum bottrop (nabo, for short) are among the main supporters of the climate initiative, “city cycling bottrop” (stadtradeln bottrop).

“cycling is fun, keeps you fit and it is an active contribution to preserving one’s health,” the two renowned practitioners of complementary medicine know, taking into account the advantages of this joint-friendly trend sport. the entire nabo team regularly got into the saddle during the three-week event period due to these facts as well. whenever possible, business trips, daily commutes and leisure journeys were done by bike. “that was really good fun,” christian rüger reports about the exciting weeks in retrospect. “also because everybody went along with it so well.” but Personal health and the city of bottrop were not the only beneficiaries of this event. every kilometer paid off for the climate as well. “the bottropers are great,” carina tomoschus of the bottrop department of environment and nature happily reported about all the citizens who deliberately chose to give their car a break and opted for a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. “in 2014 alone, we were able to save 8,633.2 kg of carbon dioxide.” she continued that the bottropers had joined in with great enthusiasm right from the beginning. “even before the actual start of the event, the number of registered participants was more than satisfactory,” the coordinator added. new participants, who wanted to contribute their kilometers to the overall result, signed up for the event every day. “simply fantastic.”

the cities of bottrop and gladbeck joined forces for the first time ever this year to manage the range of preparatory and organizational tasks together. “an idea which inspires,” says farid zitoun. “especially because the citizens were looking forward to cycling with the two heads of administration of the two ruhr district towns.”

bottropers and gladbeckers were able to cycle alongside and get really close to bernd  tischler, lord mayor of bottrop and his gladbeck peer, ulrich roland. carina tomoschus was also convinced by the 2015 results. “the cooperation of bottrop and gladbeck continues,” she explains. being a part of the city cycling event and getting active again was a matter of course for farid zitoun and christian rüger. as klaus strehl, mayor of bottrop, put it at the award ceremony last year: “you are an outstanding honorary foreign minister for our city,” he praised bottrop healer, farid zitoun, and his commitment. “our heart beats for the ruhr metropolis,” explains christian rüger, practitioner of alternative medicine. promoting it with commitment and a big portion of self-initiative is right up their alley. “especially as active climate protection and health care go hand in hand at the city cycling event.” an idea that bottrop's honorary foreign minister gladly advertises, even beyond the bounds of the ruhr area. “after all, it shows how keen the ruhries are on cycling. we are right at the top within the competition of the regions.”

however, there's something else that excites the alternative practitioners: “if the People here are moved by something, they want to be a part of it. with ardent zeal and great enthusiasm. doing something, lending a hand. whether it’s for one's own well-being or the climate. when it comes to what's really important, you stick together. the same holds true for us.”

holiday greetings, summer mail & good news

holiday greetings that promote happiness and a great summer time. now, the nabos are taking a break and will be “swept away” as of july 20. but everybody will be back on board on monday, august 17, at 9 a.m. sharp “ be there for you”. with passion, optimism and warmness. the bottrop team around farid zitoun and christian rüger wishes you a relaxing summer. in his day, voltaire already knew how to put this wish into practice. “as it is highly beneficial to my health, i have decided to be happy.” this sounds simple, and that’s what it is indeed: embrace happiness – and stay healthy.

social commitment: more than a “sense of unity” - bottrop - get moving

green light for nabo – local commitment for “bottrop - get moving” (bottrop beweg dich) enters its second round. the charity event strengthens the sense of unity - farid zitoun and christian rüger have been among the active supporters of the charity runs from the very beginning.

spending a sunday on the couch is an absolute no-go for farid zitoun, director of naturheilzentrum bottrop. he regularly laces his running shoes. the intensive training over the past months has paid off once again, also for “bottrop - get moving”, the charity run for the benefit of the local hospice care. this year, too, the runner started with a group of many other runners, together with bottrop's lord mayor and sponsor, bernd tischler. he also laced his shoes and made his very own contribution towards the success of “bottrop - get moving”, like several thousand other sportive citizens of the city.

lap by lap, farid zitoun and the other participants ran along hansaring. encouraged by a cheering crowd of thousands of spectators, the active sportsPeople ran, jogged or walked through the city center of bottrop. “the atmosphere was great, as always,” farid zitoun says happily, crossing the finish line – pleased with the successful organization of the event for the benefit of hospice care in his hometown and the broad support for the idea. “every single participant, whether young or old, free time athlete or beginner, has helped to make this charity run such a success once again. with every meter run, more money was raised for the worthy cause,” the sporty naturopath explains. the two healers have been active supporters of the charity run “bottrop - get moving” for many years now. they support the organizers as so-called “lap patrons” and also actively support local hospice care as directors of naturheilzentrum bottrop.

sense of unity: bottropers achieve something together

the hospice team leaves no doubt that the supporters and promoters are just as important as the 5,000 active participants, who have added another chapter to the success story of the event this year: “with “bottrop - get moving”, we have managed to put the topic of death and terminal care into the center of society’s attention a little more. a large number of People have helped us to make this possible. the organizers are sure that, at the beginning of the campaign, not everybody was familiar with the terms “hospice” or “hospice care”. “that has changed, due to our commitment. over the past years, we have not only accumulated a respectable sum of money for hospice care but also done excellent pr work. everybody as a team.

“being a bottrop citizen and showing with fellow bottropers: we really achieve something here!” that is not just to the liking of farid zitoun, but moreover, his Personal motto for his active involvement. therefore, it was clear for the ambitious free time athlete that, this year, nabo would also make a contribution towards the support and promotion of local, charitable institutions in bottrop. “i am an active participant myself. not only in order to do something my Personal health, but to further promote the idea of “bottrop - get moving.”

and the idea has sparked interest. the response of clubs, companies, schools and preschools was amazing. “this shows how the idea of achieving something for the worthy cause together, makes the city and its People close ranks,” farid zitoun says. holger czeranski of b & c verlag, can only second that statement. the man, who has been responsible for drawing for the event organization of “bottrop - get moving” for many years is convinced: “the charity run is also a success year after year, because it strengthens the sense of unity in People.”

simply being and staying there

“dying is a part of life,” a pharmacist explains his commitment to the charity run. accompanying seriously ill and dying People on their last journey is a core element of hospice care. the hospice initiative of bottrop has been the beneficiary of the proceeds of “bottrop - get moving” from its first edition. the accumulated sum has meanwhile reached a seven-digit figure. the work is bearing fruits. meanwhile, bottrop has an in-patient hospice.

“however, such an institution cannot be run without the necessary support,” christian rüger knows. in bottrop, this support amounts to an annual €200,000 in subsidies that have to be raised somehow for in-patient hospice care. “we gladly make our contribution through our engagement,” say the founders of nabo. “People who are terminably ill must not be left alone.” offering them closeness and comfort and an autonomous, dignified life time, that is what hospice care tries to accomplish. “a target that naturheilzentrum bottrop shares and, therefore, supports from the bottom of its heart.”

despite all the work prior to the event, the organizers won't lose their enthusiasm for “bottrop - get moving” anytime soon. quite to the contrary. the support for hospice care in bottrop enters a new round in 2016. “for sure,“ says the hospice leader. farid zitoun and christian rüger will definitely take part again, too. green light for nabo again in the early summer of 2016.

the nabomed® health tip – help: how to treat insect stings?

summer also means we're spending much time outdoors. be it on the balcony or terrace with a good read, barbecuing in the park with friends, going for a walk or on the miniature golf course. summertime is always insect time, most actively during the evening hours: mosquitos. “as uncomfortable as insect stings are, they are mostly harmless,” farid zitoun, a practitioner of alternative medicine, explains. “scratching helps little. in fact, it can make it worse. so keep your hands off the puncture area, even if that is hard to do.”

tea tree oil, lemon peel and oil soothe the itching and reduce the swelling. “the same holds true for lavender oil,” christian rüger adds. however, it is important to dilute these pure essential oils, i.e. using a “fatty” oil as a carrier substance. those who are well-acquainted with nature might also want put their trust in the power of buckhorn. “it grows in many places. it helps if you get stung while walking in the forest or while you’re biking. simply grind the leaves with your fingers and apply the mousse around the puncture. “the itching decreases and the swelling turns out considerably smaller.”

homeopathy also offers numerous possibilities to treat insect stings quickly and effectively. “arnica montana and apis mellifica are well suited,” christian rüger knows. the dosage form can be chosen: globules, tablets or ointments.

the stings of bees and wasps are not quite as harmless as those of mosquitos. “bee stings can really hurt,” the bottrop healers know. their tip: slowly remove the sting of the bee or wasp if it remained stuck. “please consult a physician immediately if you get stung in the mouth. the resulting swellings might cause suffocation. in the meantime: suck on ice cubes, that cools and reduces the swelling. “cold water has a similar effect. keep it in your mouth as long as possible.”

should the puncture area become infected nonetheless, practitioners of natural medicine recommend wrapping it in curd, moor mud or clay. “if the inflammation does not subside, or in case the lymph-nodes start swelling, a doctor should be consulted, too.”

extra care is recommended for those suffering from an allergy. “it is always important to know what has stung you,” says farid zitoun. this might be a matter of life or death. “just as much as quick help and aid, which are absolutely essential for People suffering from allergies.” as an immediate measure, the healers recommend sucking out the sting. however, spit out the venom immediately.

it is advisable to be prepared for an emergency. but it’s even better if that situation never arises. “prevention against insect stings can be achieved through appropriate clothing,” say farid zitoun and christian rüger. long-sleeve shirts and long pants are hard to penetrate.” in addition to that, color plays an important role. research has proven that white, green or light brown fabrics are targeted less frequently by insects.”

naturheilzentrum bottrop - ferienzeit

with voltaire's words in mind, we whole-heartedly wish you all a lively summer time.


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