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naturheilzentrum bottrop - von weisheit und menschen

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dear friends, patients, 
family & nabos

ice crystals and the first snow. we have already seen both. the signs are unmistakable. the trees have lost their leaves and the face of nature has changed. winter has arrived almost everywhere, including around bottrop’s naturheilzentrum (“nabo” for short). the naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger delight in one very special aspect of wintertime, along with their team. "life now takes place from within. People move closer together again in terms of the family, relationships and friendships."

very special atmosphere and highly emotional experiences

values and Human warmth in capital letters. "to pass them on, so that a touch of happiness is bestowed to others. to give some of that is priceless and therefore so incredibly valuable." this is how the two natural health practitioners describe their feelings, which they bring to the fore in a very Personal way in conjunction with advent, the new year, and the winter months. the days are now significantly shorter. "every single ray of sunshine produces feelings of happiness." this is of real benefit to everyone and creates a very special atmosphere. you can sense it. winter - which is always a time for reflection and relaxation, just when the snow falls, turning the familiar streets and neighborhoods around us into an enchanted landscape. "winter has its own colors. to discover this is an intense experience - whether alone or as a couple. a walk through the clear winter air clears your head. it’s a good and wonderful feeling." says farid zitoun. this allows you to recharge your batteries, doing something for your own health and Personal well-being.

naturheilpraxis bottrop - ganz besondere atmosphäre und hochemotionale erlebnisse

for his fellow colleague and practice partner, christian rüger, winter is inextricably linked to the celebration of christmas. "the family comes together - a highly emotional time for mutual and deep conversations." the passionate natural health practitioner also enjoys the preparations to their fullest. "it smells of cookies, baked apples and stollen. the houses and apartments are decorated for advent, and a hot chocolate or a good cup of tea by candlelight or a warming log fire make the day a perfect one."

the turn of the year - a welcome opportunity to look forward and back

the beginning of winter, the christmas celebration, and the turn of the year. these are things that follow in immediate succession over the course of a year. according to christian rüger, "the time between christmas and new year is always a welcome opportunity to look back". for the NABO team, it was an exciting 2015 "with many moments of happiness and wonderful encounters" while working with patients at the natural healing center, "and also outside our establishment," farid zitoun added.

jahreswechsel bei farid zitoun & christian rüger

that special sense

during the city cycling campaign 2015, the nabo crew were motivated to put their feet to the pedals once more and together made their contribution to active climate protection once again. furthermore, as in recent years, farid zitoun buckled down to complete the "bottrop beweg dich" (get bottrop moving) charity run for the benefit of hospice care in the ruhr metropolis. together with a large field of competitors consisting of club members and amateur athletes, the passionate runner set out on the circuit through the city. "the overall result was overwhelming," said the active natural health practitioner, who was delighted with what they achieved together. and the story continues with nabo’s commitment. "something drives us," explain farid zitoun and christian rüger, "let us constantly commit to going forward. for People, for nature and for a good quality of life, remaining sensitive to the concerns of those around us and not losing sight of one's own needs. this is important for everyone.” "i hope that many People consciously take some time in the coming months to listen to their inner voice, to slow down in everyday life and take regular breaks," says farid zitoun. for one's own self and the People who are dear to us. carpe diem. 

we wish you a merry christmas 

farid zitoun & christian rüger

naturheilzentrum bottrop - von guter erfahrung, weisheit und menschen

worth reading: on wisdom and Humankind

where wisdom is hidden

a long time ago, the gods were deliberating where wisdom should be hidden. it would be very bad if Humans found the wisdom of the universe before they were actually mature enough for it. so the gods decided to hide the wisdom of the universe in a place where People would not find it until they were mature enough.

one of the gods suggested hiding the wisdom in the deepest point in the ocean, but the gods saw the danger there that the Humans would discover the wisdom too early.

another suggested hiding the wisdom on the highest mountain on earth, but the gods quickly realized that Humans would soon climb every mountain and the wisdom would not be safe enough there.

then the wisest of all the gods put forward his suggestion: "I know what to do. let's hide the wisdom of the universe in man himself. he will only look for it when he is mature enough as he needs to travel along the path to find his inner self”. the other gods were enthralled by this proposal and so they hid the wisdom of the universe ...

... in man himself.

time for time

the story of where wisdom is hidden invites you to consider your own life from a totally different perspective. the Personal lines from nabo are certainly worth reading for this exact reason. the sending of electronic mail is one way in which we do this, and the Personal sending of letters is the other. for farid zitoun and christian rüger, this is also a valuable and beloved tradition. friends, patients and relatives can also look forward to receiving what our parents understand as "letters". has the postman been here already?

incidentally, nabos shall be taking a winter break from december 21, 2015 until january 8, 2016. as our very Personal winter greeting states, "it's nice to carry you in our hearts," and if someone carries you in his heart, he will be there for you. this is enshrined in the philosophy of our special health center.

naturheilzentrum: gesundheitstipp nabomade® rehabilitation & prävention

be and stay healthy - nabomade® competency

fit and healthy through the winter: health. rehabilitation and prevention. how are you supposed to know everything? no one is an expert in all key areas of life. we therefore take care of the most important information on the subject of being healthy and staying healthy, sharing our knowledge and providing the best health tips from our practice.

health and vitality through the winter - there are some really good recommendations for this. for example, a balanced diet rich in vitamins can support the immune system in its work. during the cold months, a regularly scheduled “base day” often helps to lift the mood and promotes your own well-being. if it is regularly adhered to, the body will additionally deacidify and cholesterol levels can possibly stabilize to a healthy level. this is what an all-around "base day" looks like for farid zitoun:

breakfast: a cup of herbal tea in addition to a ripe apple or a banana

lunch: a plate of raw vegetables, for example peppers, tomatoes, carrots and chicory makes you fit for the rest of the day. the whole thing can be made with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, salt and herbs. the important thing is to dispense with the vinegar.

dinner: vegetable soup made from basic vegetables and broth. these include cauliflower and savoy cabbage, broccoli, parsnips or zucchini. the soup is enriched with three potatoes.

finally, a ph-balanced bath promises pure relaxation: three tablespoons of sodium carbonate (available in pharmacies) and one tablespoon of sea salt should be added to the warm water.

die mitarbeiter des bottroper naturheilzentrum im film auf youtube

good luck! 2016

secure appointments and a stay at naturheilzentrum bottrop

booking and reservation only on request

due to demand and the present fixed bookings, we can currently only deal with reservation requests related to appointments for examinations and treatment arrangements for the new year with a waiting list. please plan accordingly and in good time. we are happy to assist you and Personally answer questions about your therapeutic stay because “care” is more than just a word at nabo. it is, above all, a matter of course.

contact us.

anja bien | reception & communication leader
nathalie dziwok | reception assistant
from germany 02041 7207-0
from abroad +49 2041 7207-0

bottrop’s health institution team on film

whether it’s a therapist or a receptionist – all the People around farid zitoun and christian rüger allow that special atmosphere at naturheilzentrum in bottrop to be felt by everyone. they fulfil this day after day with great enthusiasm. Human encounters, supported by experienced cordiality at a place to be healthy and stay healthy. a special place with exceptional Human BEINGS for a good, long-term experience.

die nabos - das team im bottroper naturheilzentrum

we welcome you, welcome to your nabo!
in conjunction with best wishes from the
naturheilzentrum in bottrop 


and its crew

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

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