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farid zitoun and christian rüger

indian summer | have a successful start to the autumn season

autumn - a dreary season? not at all! we at nabo long for it!
no other season of the year immerses the world in such a warm, almost magical light.
we call it indian summer. the sun gently warms us and dyes the trees in different shades of gold. that is we look forward to with great anticipation.

be prepared! ward off colds or autumn lethargy

farid zitoun and christian rüger reveal, together with their team, how you can best prepare your body and yourself for the cold season. this way, everybody can enjoy the beauties of this wonderful time of the year to the fullest. 


menschen hautnah | nabo tv aktuell

People up close | nabo tv updates

“just drop by” - the tv documentary
what does a typical day at nabo actually look like? how do People experience their stay at nabo? what happens “behind the scenes” and how does the nabo team work? these and many other questions are answered in the most recent report of moving pictures.

farid zitoun and christian rüger in the focus of the camera

following a tv recording on the topic of “People at naturheilzentrum bottrop”, zitoun and rüger received numerous emails asking them to reveal more about themselves and the institution. this idea was taken on board together with other topics, such as: our crew, the interaction with the patients as well as our values and philosophy, which were also captured in moving pictures. in addition, farid zitoun and christian rüger give very intimate insights into their Personal motivation and passion for their work at nabo. 


die neue webseite des naturheilzentrum bottrop

nabo präsentiert das golive
der homepage 5.0  - neue webseite online

juhu. es darf geklickt werden, denn die neue webseite des nabo ist online. wir sind gespannt auf die resonanz und feedbacks. traditionell bewährte naturheilkundliche methoden kombiniert mit der fortschrittlichsten technik. positive energie, hundertprozentige leidenschaft und der unbändige wille etwas zu bewegen. das ist moderne naturheilkunde im 21. jahrhundert.

ein klick genügt und es wird deutlich: das nabo setzt neue maßstäbe

auch auf der webseite. schneller ans ziel. hilfreiche antworten. noch leichtere & übersichtlichere menüführung. noch bessere orientierung mit innovativer ausrichtung. so kennt man das nabo. immer einen schritt voraus.

naturheilkunde ist zukunftsweisend und so aktuell wie nie zuvor

bundesweites networking: münchen, freiburg, stuttgart, frankfurt, düsseldorf, hamburg und berlin. klare vorstellung, klare vorgaben, klare ziele. das führte im ergebnis zu version nabo website 5.0 vs. 2015. christian rüger, farid zitoun und ein team von experten haben keine mühe gescheut, um ihnen einen bestmöglichen einblick in unser breites leistungsangebot, den beeindruckenden erfahrungsschatz unseres teams und den professionellen behandlungsmethoden zu bieten.


moodfood und healthfood I der nabo gesundheitstipp

mood food and health food | the nabo heath tip

especially now, during the transition from summer to autumn, it is important to eat consciously and to supply your body with what it desperately needs in this season. simply by having a balanced diet, you can achieve a lot. prevent imminent colds, escape from the so-called autumn blues, help the body to adapt to the more demanding conditions that occur during the readjustment of the Human metabolism.

easily said, but where to find what?

hier die antworten:

vitamin d

produced in our skin by solar radiation, our supply of vitamin d falls short in the darker months with little sunlight. 

important for: 
metabolizing calcium and phosphate. it strengthens the bones and protects from viruses, coughs and colds. 

contained in:
fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring. because daylight is essential for the production of vitamin d, you should spend 20 minutes outside every day. vitamin d cannot be excreted if overdosed. therefore, you should have your level checked by your gp from time to time.

vitamin c

a very important vitamin for the body's own defences. 

important for:
the production of antibodies as effective opponents against viruses, bacteria and germs. but it's also important for the formation and protection of tissue.

contained in:
bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, and citrus fruits. during this season, we recommend eating three portions of fruit a day. since vitamin c is water-soluble, it cannot be overdosed.

folic acid

belongs to the group of b-vitamins. when undersupplied, you feel fatigue and depressed. b-vitamins improve the body's defences and vitality. in addition to that, folic acid stimulates  growth and cell division processes (proliferation) as well as the renewal of cells and blood formation (haematosis).

contained in:
uncooked vegetables, greens, spinach and oranges. the vegetables should only be steamed to prevent destroying the folic acid. a balanced folic acid level is especially important for pregnant women to prevent maldevelopments. 


about 50% of women suffer from an iron deficiency (asiderosis). this can be due to a predominantly vegetarian diet or blood loss (e.g. after surgery or, also, increased menstrual flow, or injuries etc.). corresponding symptoms are a lack of energy and fatigue. 

contained in:
dark meat (game, lamb, liver) but also kale, nuts and sesame. when using food supplements such as iron preparations, please consult your gp as intolerances and obstipation might occur.

vitamin b1

why right now? because People often eat heartier and sweeter things during this time of the year, our metabolism requires more energy, especially a higher level of vitamin b1. this is important for metabolizing energy and carbohydrates, as well as for the nerves and the heart.

contained in:
whole grain, green beans, oatmeal but also pork. since vitamin b1 is water-soluble, it cannot be overdosed. 

vitamin a

everybody knows that vitamin a supports a healthy vision, but it also keeps the mucous membranes healthy (mucous membranes = entry portals for viruses, germs and bacteria) and strengthens the immune system. apart from that, it's important for growth and cell formation.

contained in:
only in animal products such as liver, eggs, at a preliminary stage (beta-carotin) in sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes. since vitamin a is only fat-soluble, you should consult with your gp before substituting it with food supplements. the following great cure, based on tissue mineral salts, is highly recommendable (to be taken for a duration of three to six weeks):

  1. no. 3 ferrum phosphoricum d12, in the morning
  2. no. 17 manganum sulfuricum d6, at lunchtime
  3. no. 11 silicea d12, in the evening
  • adults: 2 tablets each
  • children (under the age of 12): 1 tablet each

let it melt in your mouth or dissolve it in a glass of water.

  • ferrum: instant remedy for infections and inflammatory diseases. important for the transport of oxygen, but also for the production of energy in muscles.

  • manganum sulfuricum: involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body and the individual organs.

  • silicea: silicious earth is one of the oldest remedies of mankind and it is important for the structure and consolidation of many tissues. is has been proven that it impacts the spleen and the lymphatic tissue and that it improves the capabilities of certain immune cells.

caution: this recommendation does not replace consultation with a medical doctor or an alternative practicioner.


das war´s auch schon.
vielen dank fürs lesen.
wir senden sonnige grüße und wünschen einen herbst voller bunter farben.

in guter verbindung aus dem
naturheilzentrum bottrop

farid zitoun und christian rüger

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

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