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overcome boundaries. discover new possibilities. manage daily tasks with courage and joie de vivre. face others with wisdom, calmness and patience. contribute reason and passion. make harmony and intuition your constant companion.

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looking forward to you and a very special year | 2014

relax, wind down and be thankful

cast a loving backward glance at the past year. you risked a lot and gained even more. be  thankful for what was and look forward to what will be. begin this special new year full of determination and optimism. welcome to 2014. we welcome you with open arms and infinite anticipation.


our health tip  |  for the winter

naturheilzentrum bottrop  |  fit as a fiddle during the cold season

coughing, sneezing, hoarseness: autumn is a time of coughs and sneezes. homeopathic globules are often a gentle but effective means to prevent colds. the directors of naturheilzentrum bottrop, christian rüger and farid zitoun, give advice on what helps.

the homeopathic medicine cabinet  |  natural

susceptability to infections  you constantly have a cold, you get one infection after the other? camphora (d 3) can help. as soon as the first symptoms appear, let 3 globules dissolve in your mouth every two hours. this remedy is not suitable for babies and toddlers. giving them ferrum phosphoricum (d 6) in the same dosage has proven to help.

coughs it can be very excruciating when the bronchial tubes become infected by cold viruses. for convulsive, dry coughing spells, we recommend drosera (d 12). take 5 globules 3 to 4 times a day until the symptoms disappear.

sore throat your throat hurts and you find it difficult to swallow. take 5 globules of phytolacca (d 12) 4 times a day and you'll feel better.

runny nose harmless but annoying: the sniffles are due to an infection of the nose's mucous membrane. allium cepa (d 12) alleviates the discomfort. in the first hour let 5 globules dissolve on your tongue every 20 minutes. after that, take 5 globules 3 times a day.

hoarseness if your voice is also affected, try argentum nitricum (d 12). in the first hour, let 5 globules dissolve on your tongue every 20 minutes. after that, take 5 globules 3 times a day.

fever when your temperature rises, you shiver, feel weak, tired and thirsty. take aconitum (d 12). in the beginning, let 5 globules dissolve on your tongue 3 times an hour. after that, take 5 globules 3 times a day.

weakness and fatigue are you feeling listless? bryonia (d 6) will bring back your energy: take 5 globules 3 times a day for 4 days.

(*this overview/recommendation in no way replaces a consultation by an alternative practitioner or a physician.)

please also observe the terms of use.

“great kids” have fun and enjoy doing exercise

farid zitoun and christian rüger combine their dedication to finding young talents with their support for “adikids”, a project of the adipositas verband deutschland e.v., the german obesity society. the project aims to, inter alia, teach obese children that exercise and dancing can be fun and enjoyable.

big  |  thrilling  |  inspiring

“the kids are thrilled about the support”, say christel moll and gudrun papadopoulos of “adikids bottrop”. thanks to the support from the nabo directors, the kids can look forward to some exciting months: together with schneider berkels music production, they will rehearse a play that is much like a musical. it will be directed by farid zitoun and christian rüger and will, of course, deal with the topic of eating healthy. the premiere will be in may 2014. farid zitoun and christian rüger will also get Personally involved in the discussion on “eating healthy with the adikids”. “we want to help the kids understand how to eat healthy through fun and child-oriented incentives”, say the naturopaths. “the idea for the project is an all-round perfect concept”, explains norbert eickholt (department for youths and education of the city of bottrop) on the support of the institution. christel moll is hooked as well. “the project looks very promising. this is exactly what we focus on in our work. we want to bring the kids together and motivate them to do something cooperatively. this will strengthen their confidence.”

big gala for little paolo

making good things happen

the highest level of commitment: the opening ceremony for the big gala for little paolo and his parents began with moving words by judge, alexander hold and farid zitoun. the allgäu region serves as a role model as well. here are People who have a truly hands-on approach to helping.

modern health culture powered by farid zitoun and christian rüger

farid zitoun and christian rüger give their support to young artists

a cultural project with a particular focus on sustainability  |  health and culture made in bottrop

ready for the stage  |  powered by naturheilzentrum bottrop

a total of ten performances were staged by november 30th, 2013. the highlight was the premiere on october 25th. the red carpet and the aftershow party for invited guests made the musical evening extra special. the get-together with the whole ensemble at the industrial monument and restaurant, bernepark, left a fantastic and lasting impression on all participants.

room for you

you are you because you are something very special.

great ideas need air to grow. freedom gives you infinite possibilities to discover your potential, embrace it and turn it into something creative. freedom is important for developing your Personality. freedom means valuing yourself. you might discover talents you never even dreamt you had. for you to be you, you need to know your limits. it's ok to say no once in a while. take the time and the freedom you need to develop yourself. that way you can stand by your loved ones with energy and passion, knowing that you are unique.

children & naturopathy

healing diversity  |  in the best of hands

naturheilzentrum bottrop   |  insights into time  |  time for health 2014

with great care and attentiveness for each individual

currently we can almost only respond to reservation requests and appointments with the waiting list. please plan appointments for examinations and treatments on time.

we will gladly answer all your questions regarding your treatment arrangements Personally.

please don’t hesitate to contact us.

reservation enquiries  |  reservations on request

anja bien | reception management & communication
nathalie dziwok | assistant receptionist
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