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take a ride back to the summers in the 60s on the samba bus with lots of flower power

the sun's rays warm your body and soul. from time to time, you feel a gentle breeze. around you, you observe the hustle and bustle of summer and hear stimulating conversations. perhaps you put your feet in the water as you eat a refreshing popsicle, tasting the melt-in-the-mouth, cool sweetness... you see children playing, hear joyful laughter ... the summer puts a smile on everyone's face. time passes more slowly. time for health - time to find yourself again and to be happy.

even more beaming faces | of course: it's summer!

a colorful summer
the formula: let the sunshine in

the british scholar, joseph addison, already knew as early as the 17th century: sunshine is to flowers as smiling faces are to us Humans. what's more, smiles are the shortest connection between two People. allow yourself to be infected by this joie de vivre. turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. enjoy the sun; let it into your heart and life will treat you kindly.

smile and look forward to the good things in life.

summer | sun | protection

nabo's health advice* for this great time of year:

lightly tanned skin is pretty; sunburn isn't. we all need sunlight and its essential vitamin d for our well-being, but how much sun is good for you and when is it too much? here are some tips to make sure you get through the summer safely, healthily and beautifully.

general advice

- stay out of the midday sun
- wear a hat and wide clothing that protects arms and legs. don't forget to wear sunglasses.
- take care that you drink enough (at least 2 – 3 liters a day)
  (water is best)
- avoid drinking alcohol whenever possible
- moderate or no physical activity
- light meals
- stay in the shade –  even in the shade, 40% of the sun's uv radiation reaches the earth's surface 

- only open the windows of your home at night or in the cool hours of the morning
- take a cool but not too cold shower before going to bed
- wear nightclothes made of natural fibers (e.g. cotton)


generously apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going out into the sun. depending on your skin type, multiply the natural protection time of your skin by the sunscreen's spf.

type 1:
the celtic type (red hair, fair skin, freckles). this skin type gets sunburned and damaged approximately 10 minutes after being exposed to the sun without protection. so, the natural protection time of 10 minutes x spf 25 = 250 minutes of exposure to the sun.

type 2:
the northern european type (blond or brown hair, light eyes, freckles). this type's natural protection time is 10-20 minutes.

type 3:
the mixed type (brown hair, brown eyes). natural protection time: 20-30 minutes.

type 4:
the southern type (darker skin, no freckles). natural protection time: 30+ minutes.

what to do immediately in case of sunburn or sunstroke

should you get a sunburn or a sunstroke despite all your precautions, here are a few helpful tips:
- get out of the sun immediately
- apply a cooling pad and ointments
- drink plenty of water
- cool and elevate your head

globules can also be taken for good measure:

hypericum - for light sunburns

belladonna - for severe sunburns and headaches. for sunstrokes.

cantharis - for severe sunburns with blisters.

in case of serious burns, consult a doctor immediately. avoid the sun until the symptoms have disappeared

(*this overview/recommendation in no way replaces a consultation by an alternative practitioner or a physician.)

please also observe the terms of use.

a sign of our exceptional quality

we take care of each Person individually! with attentiveness and care.

currently we can almost only respond to reservation requests and appointments with the waiting list. please plan appointments for examinations and treatments in time. we will gladly answer all your questions regarding your treatment arrangements Personally.

please don’t hesitate to contact us.

reservation enquiries  |  reservations on request

anja bien | reception management & communication
nathalie dziwok | assisant receptionist
calls from germany  02041 7207-0
international calls  +49 2041 7207-0

what else is new?

a great project for and with cool kids

having fun learning about eating healthy

this past spring marked the start of a really extraordinary project which revolves around

exercise, fun and lots of information about eating healthy. farid zitoun and christian rüger of naturheilzentrum bottrop launched the project together with the creative minds at sb production.

the essential ingredient: lots of fun

there was lots of singing, dancing and cooking. the kids found out what’s important when eating healthy, learned a lot about healthy ingredients and about how to cook food correctly, all the while having heaps of fun!

nabolike: sustainable involvement

sustainability is important for the alternative practitioners from bottrop when it comes to their involvement in projects, which is why they will continue to support “adikids”. norbert eickholt, the manager of “spielraum-haus der generationen” of the department for youths and education, a culture and leisure facility which offers cultural activities and entertainment for all ages, is happy about the new project: “i think it’s great when established networks are developed further, and i’m happy that naturheilzentrum is on board as a partner.”

for more information:

naturheilzentrum bottrop - farid zitoun stadtradeln

wholeheartedly | consciously moving

involvement with a signal effect

3 weeks without a car  |  for bottrop  |  for the environment i for you

this year, the city of bottrop will once again participate in the successful national campaign

“city cycling”, run by the “klimabündnis”, an alliance for active climate protection. and just like last year, farid zitoun and christian rüger are setting a good example. the two naturopaths have already infected the whole nabo team with their enthusiasm. everyone is “city-cycling in the ruhr region” to help protect the environment. they have been training since may.

although the start of the city-cycling campaign was postponed due to the bad storms on whit monday to the time from september 1st to the 21st, christian rüger and farid zitoun believe so strongly in this campaign that they are offering the natural healing center as a stop for the cyclists because caring for the environment and People is completely in line with naturheilzentrum’s philosophy.

vlnr: oberbürgermeister bernd tischler stadt bottrop, annette rinkewit, christian rüger vom naturheilzentrum bottrop

shaping the future with passion

last year, 11,006.6 kg of co2 could be avoided successfully, so it is no wonder that naturheilzentrum bottrop is once again passionately promoting a better future and more quality of life in bottrop.

naturheilzentrum bottrop  |  active and sustainable

cycling is not only very healthy, it also fills you with joy and sharpens your awareness for details. farid zitoun and christian rüger are both convinced that this campaign will encourage People to leave the car at home and to choose the bike pedal over the gas pedal more often.

good for us Humans - good for the environment.

join us! for information, visit:

naturheilzentrum bottrop preview - willkommen andreas werntges werntges studios gladbeck

welcome to our new website

our current and familiar appearance on the world wide web has had an enormous response, many fans, regular visitors, and is viewed as a very successful glimpse through the keyhole into nabo. plus, it’s informative and barrier-free. but, as we are always one giant step ahead, our virtual nabo has systematically evolved as well. in consequence, we will soon be able to proudly present our new online concept. we will launch the start of our new, highly-anticipated website on all social media platforms. and then: just stop by, let yourself be moved and tell us what you think, as your opinion is very important to us.

we proudly present:

naturheilzentrum bottrop - freude auf den sommer und dich - michael mueller münker: mmm fotos fotograf köln

flower power

looking forward to the summer  |  looking forward to you

nabo is taking a break. recharging our batteries - for you, we are continuing our training and visiting far-away countries, reading a good book, or just doing nothing for a change.

and the best part: we’ll be here until friday, july 11 and we’ll be back on monday, august 11 at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

we welcome you. welcome to nabo.

sunny and warm greetings. we look forward to seeing you soon!

your naturheilzentrum bottrop team

farid zitoun und christian rüger - naturheilzentrum bottrop sommer 2014

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

image credits:

image 1: martina schughart | gestaltungsdinge | düsseldorf | germany
image 2: martina schughart | gestaltungsdinge | düsseldorf | germany
image 3: michael müller-münker | mmm fotos | fotograf | köln | germany
image 4: naturheilzentrum bottrop | germany
image 5: farid zitoun | naturheilzentrum bottrop | germany
image 6: michael kaprol | dipl. fotodesigner | bottrop | germany
image 7: martina schughart | gestaltungsdinge | düsseldorf | germany
image 8: michael müller-münker | mmm fotos | fotograf | köln | germany
image 9: andreas werntges | werntges studios | gladbeck | germany
martina schughart | gestaltungsdinge | düsseldorf | germany
film 1: manuel grenda & melvin kilian | m&m productions | bottrop | germany

image 1: let the sunshine in
image 2: our summer health advice | naturopathy
image 3: a sign of our exceptional quality  | reception
image 4: a great project with cool kids | naturheilzentrum bottrop
image 5: city cycling | farid zitoun | naturheilzentrum bottrop
image 6: lord mayor, bernd tischler, with annette rinkewitz and christian rüger | naturheilzentrum bottrop                                             image 7: nabo preview | welcome                                                                                                                                                               image 8: looking forward to the summer and you                                                                                                                                       image 9: farid zitoun & christian rüger

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