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naturheilzentrum bottrop - ich bin dann mal gesund

naturheilzentrum bottrop – i’ve been restored to health


dear friends, patients, and nabos,

one of the warmest winters in 135 years is behind us. no violent cold spell has hit us. no masses of snow that have caused long-lasting chaos on our roads. the comparatively mild temperatures of the last few months have had one good effect. nature has awoken from its winter slumber much earlier than usual. meteorologically, spring has already begun and according to the calendar, it will not be long before we can switch from winter to spring mode.  

gesundheitstipp nabomade

"those who take walks through the countryside with their eyes open simply cannot fail to see this: the first spring blooms, buds, any amount of new greenery. it’s just coming back around," says the bottrop-based naturopath farid zitoun, who is delighted about the life emerging around us. "it’s not just nature. we also feel that something is happening," adds christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop. the increasing intensity of the light ensures an increased production of serotonin and dopamine. "the hormones are responsible for the oft-quoted feelings of spring." both of the complementary medicine practitioners know this. away with the winter blues. new colors ensure a new lust for life. cast off burdens, feel the energy. spring is a time of change. a time of new beginnings. in nature and also for us. what is stopping us? what can we change to feel like ourselves again? our power? our strengths? we want to know right now in spring. what is not in balance? where is the imbalance between body and soul? for many, yoga is a suitable way of finding the answers to these questions, explain zitoun and rüger.

gesundheitstipp - der bottroper heilpraktiker farid zitoun

health tips: nabomade® totally fresh & completely up-to-date

in spring, of course

farid zitoun and christian rüger know about the effect that the ancient indian discipline has. "yoga, as various scientific studies have since proven, increases the quality of life and has a positive effect on various diseases." and these include a great number, such as high blood pressure, back problems, sleep disorders, menstrual discomfort or abdominal pain. yoga improves e.g. agility and promotes concentration. the roots of the discipline stretch back well over 2,000 years, and are to be found in hinduism and partly in buddhism. "originally, yoga was important for inner contemplation in order to be at one with god" explains the bottrop-based naturopath christian rüger. with the help of meditation, a Person can be on the spiritual path towards enlightenment. in our modern society, yoga provides the possibility to effectively relieve stress. "it refreshes you and helps to keep the energy flowing. maximum relaxation in minimum time, which is attainable in our fast-paced society." adds farid zitoun from his practice. 

from the nabo lounge – rich in vitamins, green & even vegan

the yoga-fan community in germany is growing from year to year. the combination of meditative elements and body exercises appeals to many People, regardless of religion or world view. bringing body, mind and soul in harmony with breathing techniques, concentration and relaxation exercises - a formula that has proven to be successful for thousands of years and has lost none of its current relevance. "the ease with which you can begin the exercises and the proven positive effect have also silenced the skeptics," says christian rüger: to actively do something for your own health, to strengthen your resilience and self-awareness – that appeals and has an effect. "in addition, the range of yoga styles on offer is so great that there really is something for every taste here." whether it’s hatha or bikram yoga, the motto is simply to try it out. "because exercise is always good, but right now it’s particularly important in spring, when our bodies and our metabolisms have to work extremely hard," as the therapist farid zitoun knows. and, of course, a healthy, well-balanced diet, "which supplies our bodies with what they need," say the two heads of the bottrop institution for naturopathy. their "all-purpose weapon" at the natural healing center in bottrop, is a regular smoothie. "which is not only healthy, but tastes good too." The nabo team’s current favorite is a green smoothie with avocado.

the recipe:

  • one avocado
  • half a cucumber
  • a bunch of rucola
  • one banana
  • one kiwi
  • two pears

chop up the ingredients – except for the banana – in a blender and mix with half a liter of water or yogurt. stir in the crushed banana at the very end. if you like, you can turn this healthy drink into a really substantial meal by adding rolled oats.

naturheilzentrum bottrop proaktiv

proactive: city cycling, get bottrop moving and the tetrahedral stair run

nabo team commits to get moving

farid zitoun, christian rüger and their staff are People of conviction. from may 21 to june 10, the natural healing center will be saddling up again, whenever possible, and switching from the car to bikes. they’ll then be taking to their pedals once more and setting a good example in terms of climate protection. the team are not novices when it comes to city-cycling, for this is now the third time that the crew has actively taken part in the germany-wide project phase. the procedure is well-known. each kilometer, which is covered by bike during the three-week campaign phase, counts. by registering the team on the internet or via the city-cycling app, "each kilometer will be immediately counted" says farid zitoun. the nabos have taken up the cause of topping the sensational results from the previous year and it did not take long to persuade the team to participate again in 2016. "the campaign speaks for itself," says farid zitoun.

"something for climate protection in the city and to be able to do your own health good at the same time, are two almost unbeatable arguments." 433 city cyclists set a new participation record for bottrop in the past year. 35 teams took to the pedals in the campaign period, reinforcing the reputation of the ruhr area as an active cycling region. and they provided an impressive overall result: 164,541 kilometers were travelled by the participants by bike. "thus, a tremendous 15,053 kilograms of co2 could be saved," says bottrop’s mayor claus strehl, who is still delighted about the numbers. the mayor has as few doubts about whether they can be improved upon as the naturopath farid zitoun does. "the People here are immediately on hand if it involves putting something together for their city or for the region," enthuses the naturopath and ardent city cyclist.

nabo (kurz für: naturheilzentrum bottrop)

in the middle of it: naturheilzentrum bottrop and the nabo cyclists for climate protection

the institution leaders farid zitoun and christian rüger have been supporters of climate action from the first hour onwards - and not just through active participation. for years, the two natural healing practitioners have also donated one of the main prizes for best city cyclists. a very Personal health check at nabo (= short for: naturheilzentrum bottrop) awaits the winner. "the feedback that we get shows that the commitment and dedication is there," says carina tamoschus, city-cycling coordinator for the town of bottrop. the fact that the coordination team is more than happy about the active and sustained support by nabo is obvious. the campaign lives off the enthusiasm of the participants. "in the city, you can often reach your destination faster by bike than by car," says carina tamoschus. "the advantages are clear, but consciously leaving the car behind and switching to a bike requires a change in thinking." to speed up this process, to be a forward-planner and a motor for active climate protection – this is more than an incentive for farid zitoun and christian rüger to maintain their dedication, and actively work together to ensure the city-cycling success story in bottrop will show sustainability and added value in the future. making the ruhr area strong is a cause that is very close to zitoun & rüger’s hearts. they are therefore not only taking to their bikes this year, but lacing up their running shoes again too. together with the “bronchi bear” mascot, farid zitoun is now once again drumming up business for the 2016 edition of "get bottrop moving". and the passionate amateur runner has long since undertaken the first kilometers in preparation.

farid zitoun & christian rüger live by the principle of prevention before rehabilitation

on june 17, the bottrop center will again become a running track. more than 100,000 euros have been received in the past year for hospice work - a proud accomplishment for the 3,000 athletes taking part. the charity run will now take place for the seventh time, and a large part of its success can be traced back to the sterling organizational and support team. farid zitoun and christian rüger have shown how active they have also been here over the years. "the community of runners has made remarkable achievements. but it is not just society that benefits. the second and bigger winner is your own health." this is a concept which is very much to the taste of the alternative medicine practitioners. the logical consequence is that the date of the charity run has long since been highlighted in red in the nabo’s calendar. the same also applies to september 4, 2016 which is namely the date of the tetrahedron stair run, organized by "marketing for bottrop" in a new circuit.

farid zitoun finds this "a real challenge – also a sporty one". whether it’s a hill run or a stairway run, the athletes are not only required to complete the altitude meters, but this is in combination with the maximum of 750 steps until the goal is reached. thus, bottrop even tops new york because the tetrahedral run goes up higher than the empire state building. "there are now various stair runs, including here in the ruhr area," says farid zitoun, "but the bottrop version up to the tetrahedron has it all." the landmark is a clearly visible sign of the town. "to use it for the current campaign shows that it has symbolic character," says zitoun, who looks forward to another sporting highlight that will show his hometown and the People who live here just the way they are. and he hopes that through organization and support, they will together succeed in setting up another brand for bottrop.

naturheilzentrum bottrop - kontakt

firstly, we wish our readers a great spring time, but above all, stay or get healthy! don’t hesitate to call if you have questions – we look forward to them here.

& the nabo team

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

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