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nabo breaking news: tell us your story and we will pass it on together

nabo breaking news: tell us your story and we will pass it on together

geschichten teilen und gemeinsam erzählen - der naturheilzentrum newsletter nabomade über das was kommt

2016 will go down in history. because donald trump won the us-presidential election? maybe. or because the world does not seem to have succeeded in creating peace – be that in Syria or elsewhere? because millions of People are still fleeing? perhaps also because of that. at least, People will be able to read that about 2016 in the history books.

what made 2016 so special for each individual were the encounters that we had. for both of the bottrop-based naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger, the last days of the year have always been an occasion to look back and reflect: “on what we were able to experience. the stories that were told to us and which can now pass on together.” you’ll find out all about this in the current nabo newsletter, plus what changes will be happening next year at naturheilzentrum bottrop. but one thing is for sure: nabo will remain. and nothing that you’re used to will stay the same.

we look forward to seeing YOU – you can look forward to seeing us

nabo (short for naturheilzentrum bottrop)

will open its doors again on monday, january 9, 2017 at 9:00 am sharp, and Personally greet patients, their relations, friends, and interested parties once more. together with their team, the managers of bottrop’s naturopathic practice, farid zitoun and christian rüger will then warmly welcome everyone once again.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.